Jul 28, 2014
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MARC Commuters Could Benefit from 'Fiscal Cliff' Deal

A provision of the deal to avert the fiscal cliff restores a public transit subsidy to as much as $240 monthly.

MARC Commuters Could Benefit from 'Fiscal Cliff' Deal


Amidst the fine print of the deal to avert the “fiscal cliff” is a provision that could save MARC commuters a chunk of change. 

The Washington Post reports that Congress has tweaked a portion of the tax code in order to give people an incentive to take mass transit. Employers can now cover up to $240 per month in commuting benefits tax-free, or offer a pre-tax payroll benefit. 

This benefit was in place as part of the stimulus bill until the end of 2011, when it was allowed to lapse and dropped back down to $125 monthly. The “fiscal cliff” deal restores the benefit to that higher level.

The Post suggests that this change could encourage higher usage of public transit, because a tax-free benefit to those who drove and parked had remained at $240. Now, the two benefits are equal. 

A $240 reimbursement could be especially helpful to those MARC riders who purchased the TransitLink pass, which includes unlimited monthly MARC and Metro rides for $233.

Of course, it is still up to companies to offer the benefit to their workers, so check to see what your employer offers. 

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