23 Aug 2014
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Chatting with the Owner of Kirsten’s Cakery

Patch spoke with Kirsten Klein about running a business in Severna Park.

Chatting with the Owner of Kirsten’s Cakery

The town of Severna Park is full of local businesses that provide great services for the community.

In order to get a better sense of the owners and managers behind the businesses, Patch is introducing a new column. Severna Park Patch will talk with local business owners about life in Severna Park and how they got their start.

This week Patch spoke with Kirsten’s Cakery owner Kirsten Klein.

Kirsten's Cakery is located in Park Plaza and will have been in business for two years in February. Kirsten grew up in Pasadena near Lake Waterford and attended Chesapeake High School.

She got a degree from Notre Dame of Maryland University and moved back to the area to open her business.

Severna Park Patch: What is your favorite part about running a business in Severna Park?
Kirsten Klein: I would probably have to say the community itself and customers in general. They have been really receptive and open once they have gotten to know us and see the quality of work we put out. They have been great.

Severna Park Patch: How did your business get started, and where did the idea come from?
Klein: I worked at a bakery in Laurel through college full-time. I got degrees in computer science and math so I worked for a software company for eight years, but still in that bakery on weekends. I saw all the people coming all the way over to Laurel from this area and there wasn’t a well established bakery with storefront at that time. It was just my passion. I still did bakery stuff for those eight years. It’s my passion and what I love to do

Severna Park Patch: What’s the biggest challenge Kirsten's Cakery has overcome?
Klein: Probably growing the business and distinguishing ourselves from other bakeries in the area. Really just getting our names out there and being able to let customers know what separates us from other businesses and makes us more unique.

Severna Park Patch: What’s unique about your business? Why should customers come?
Klein: We kind of pride ourselves on being always fresh never frozen. We don’t even own a freezer for cakes at all. When a customer comes in and orders a cake it isn’t baked until the order is in. Not to put down bakeries that use a freezer, I know a lot of bakers do that and that’s great, but it’s just not our motto. We take pride in customer’s satisfaction and if we aren’t happy with it we don’t expect our customers to be. Customer satisfaction, taste and look are our goals.

Severna Park Patch: What’s a typical day like for you?
Klein: It’s really a great mixture of everything. It’s a lot of baking—really a lot of decorating, art, and sculpting. A lot of what you see on the cakes shows is a lot what we do—old school butter cream work and cake decorating. We are night owls; we are here late, late into the nights baking.

Severna Park Patch: What other local business do you like to frequent?
Breakfast Shoppe I love The Breakfast Shoppe; they have great food there. Froyo House is awesome too.

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