Jul 28, 2014
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Kristy Wiggins of Jones Elementary School

A Jones parent writes about what makes this teacher unforgettable.

Appreciated Teacher at Jones Elementary School

Kristy Wiggins  is THAT teacher. The one that you remember 30 years later because it was so cool when you showed up for school to find your classroom ransacked and your project was to figure out, from the clues left behind, what type of dinosaur had gotten in there overnight.

 She is the teacher who comes to every PTA meeting, who comes, toddler in tow, to every school event that occurs after hours (weekend plays, evening movie nights and more). She comes to sporting events for students in her class this year, last year, and the year before.

She often roots for both teams, since she’s taught kids playing each others’ team at Green Hornets soccer games! She’s the teacher who champions new things in the classroom (technology, new curricula), learns how to use them effectively with her class and helps other teachers use them with theirs! She’s the teacher who wants money for technology at school and starts a fundraiser with one other teacher that is SO successful, she nearly single-handedly raises money to buy smart boards for every classroom in the school!

She’s the teacher who doesn’t let students leave without a high five and a smile. The one who knows when you’re in a fight with your best friend, the one you turn to when your mom and dad are arguing at home.

She knows how disappointed you are in your performance on that last test and finds a way to help you find the way to challenge to yourself to be your best next time.

She knows you need extra challenges in the classroom and comes up with projects you can take to the next level – encouraging a passion for learning in all children! She never raises her voice, but disciplines her class with “mighty groans,” because her students want so much to please her!

She’s the teacher you want your child to have year after year, the teacher you fight to be room parent for because she asks so little and teaches so much (yes, she teaches parents skills about how to motivate your child, how to find a lesson in everyday things, how to be more patient and understanding).

She’s the teacher you are sad to move on from, but you still know that she’s THAT teacher, the one you’ll talk about with your son or daughter in 30 years. You’re grateful that she’s touched your child and so many others, too!"

Kristy Wiggins is one in a million, and she’s right here at Jones Elementary in Severna Park! Aren’t we lucky!? 

Jessica Farrar, room mom at Jones Elementary School


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