Jul 28, 2014
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New Petition for Later High School Start Times

Here's another try at a petition. This time on SignOn.org where it is easier to sign and could be featured on the site's homepage as signatures climb.

New Petition for Later High School Start Times

Great news for everyone who wasn't able to sign the We the People petition for a later high school start time.  After much soul-searching, I broke down and decided to try again.

I got an email from SignOn.org about starting a new petition, and I think that with their clout this could get widespread attention, too.

It seemed like a shame to waste the momentum the first petition generated, and the publicity that was just starting up when the first petition disappeared into cyberspace. It's also a lot easier to sign.

To sign the new petition, click here:


The petition includes links to spread the word after you sign it, too, so let's go! No guarantees, but some of the fastest growing SignOn.org petitions may be featured on their homepage, and occasionally MoveOn.org will promote petitions by sending email alerts to MoveOn members as well.

No matter what, thanks to "Patch power," I've found a great group of people who want to work to take this nationa -because this isn't going to end with a petition. Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed to this effort!

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