23 Aug 2014
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ReSal Free Flea Draws Over 500 Patrons

Connect with the Severna Park organization that keeps giving away flea market finds and so much more.

ReSal Free Flea Draws Over 500 Patrons ReSal Free Flea Draws Over 500 Patrons ReSal Free Flea Draws Over 500 Patrons ReSal Free Flea Draws Over 500 Patrons ReSal Free Flea Draws Over 500 Patrons

Greg and Sheri Anderson, the Severna Park couple that own the Restorations and Salvations Thrift Store (“ReSal”) in Pasadena, have expanded their Free Family Flea Market.  Weather permitting, the event is held one Friday a month and is a chance to give away items to the public for free.

This time, ReSal added an additional Free Flea last Saturday.  The Andersons reported that there were over 500 participants this time, making Saturday’s Free Flea the largest in ReSal history.  Sheri Anderson said, “This was amazing, there were already people lining up well before 9 o’clock.”

Greg Anderson was also excited about the event.  “Many awesome things are happening today, it’s been a great day,” Anderson said.

The ReSal Free Flea, modeled after the bi-annual Family Free Flea Market conducted by (SPEP), takes the usual flea market so much further.  In addition to providing items donated by others for free, the ReSal Free Flea also provides hot dogs, music, and a time of sharing. The store is adjacent to Lista’s Restaurant, at 2406 Mountain Road in Pasadena. 

The event is more like a block party, with a festive atmosphere.  Some participants come bringing donations to share.  Many volunteers are on hand from SPEP, Winning Souls Church, and the employees, volunteers and residents of The Way Homes, a nonprofit organization started by the Andersons to give those battling addictions a chance to rebuild their lives.

Winning Souls Evangelistic Church, located across the street, is housed in the old pool hall on Mountain Road in Pasadena.  The church just celebrated its second year in ministry and has partnered with ReSal to serve the community.

The Praise Team from Winning Souls Evangelistic Church provided a continuous flow of music for the three and a half hour event.

Pastor Ian Edwards said, “We are a non-traditional church.  We are a multicultural, nondenominational, ‘come as you are’ church.  It’s not our church; it’s the Lord’s church.  We wanted to partner with ReSal to help them show the love of Christ to the community.”

Dan Quasney, of Severna Park, manned the grill, serving hundreds of hot dogs and continuing well after noon with a fresh batch.

Sandi Sharp of Severna Park attended the Free Flea for the first time on Saturday.  She heard about the event through her Sunday School Class at SPEP.  Hunting for potential extra items for her home daycare, Sharp enjoyed the celebration. 

“The music is very uplifting.  It’s very friendly and there is a great Christian community here,” said Sharp.

There is also a Prayer Table, staffed with volunteers, available for people that have concerns and want to talk about it with other caring individuals.  The ReSal Free Flea has something for everyone.

ReSal is always ready and willing to take tax deductible donations for both the Free Flea and for sale in the .  Interested parties can also volunteer at the store or at Free Flea events held both in Pasadena and Baltimore.  For more information on The Way Homes or Restorations and Salvations, visit their Facebook page or call 410-255-0647.


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