Jul 28, 2014
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Severna Park Safeway Has Dedicated Employees

Viewfinder paid a visit to the Safeway on Benfield Road where many employees love their jobs and the customers.

The at 540 Benfield Road is doing something right.

Their employees do not leave! 

When asked "How long have you worked here?" it is not uncommon to hear decades of dedication -  42 years,  34 years, and 19 years. According to the Center for Management Research, the grocery store industry average attrition rate is 20 percent; but not at the Safeway in Severna Park.  If you shop here, you know what I mean. It's the same familiar faces year after year.

I was curious,  so I asked a few long term employees:

"What keeps you working here, and why do you stay?"

To my surprise, many of the employees responded: "The customers!"  "We have the best customers and they make this such a great place to work." Some employees have worked at other Safeway stores, but the Severna Park store is by far their favorite.

"Jennifer supports our community in many ways.  I grew sunflowers on a local farm and delivered them to local Safeway's.  Jennifer was always eager to order our flowers.  Jennifer is professional, but also shared an interest in my family.  She is nice, kind and a true professional."

"Not easy to find someone like that these days!  Jennifer preferred to support local causes and businesses, so she is truly vested in Safeway's clients.  Safeway is lucky, and we are lucky to enjoy Jennifer's service!

- Via e-mail from Safeway customer Stephanie Pippen

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