Jul 26, 2014
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Evan Glass -- Leading from the Heart in Silver Spring

Evan Glass -- Leading from the Heart in Silver Spring Evan Glass -- Leading from the Heart in Silver Spring Evan Glass -- Leading from the Heart in Silver Spring

I am among many who believe the Washington Post got it right with a resounding endorsement of Evan Glass to become the next District 5 Montgomery County Council member.  Silver Spring has been my home for almost 20 years; rarely have I seen anyone as committed to improving the community as Evan. 

Evan was one of the first to step up when we were establishing the nonprofit Conservation Montgomery four years ago.  Not only has he volunteered countless hours to help manage community environmental projects, but he has had his hands in the dirt on many occasions to plant trees alongside other volunteers and students earning their Student Service Learning hours.  Evan has been front and center in the effort to educate middle and high school students in Montgomery County about the importance of local natural resource protection and preserving green space in urban sections of the county. 

Evan stands out as the candidate for District 5 who really has boots-on-the-ground experience in  making great things happen in our neighborhoods.  He understands how the Council works and what can or cannot be done from that legislative body.  

Evan often tackles the impossible.  He formed a cohesive community of apartment dwellers in South Silver Spring -- including condo owners, renters, affordable housing residents.  He successfully lobbied for pedestrian safety improvements, protections to our environment, and more affordable housing in the community. These are the local issues that our Council members are elected to handle -- and Evan has been working these issues doggedly for the last decade.

After witnessing Evan succeed in many positions in the community, there is no doubt that he can lead in sometimes incredibly dysfunctional situations where group dynamics can go awry.   We need him on the County Council.  

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