Jul 28, 2014
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Patch Picks: Father's Day Gift Ideas

We did all the heavy mental lifting so you don't have to!

Patch Picks: Father's Day Gift Ideas Patch Picks: Father's Day Gift Ideas Patch Picks: Father's Day Gift Ideas Patch Picks: Father's Day Gift Ideas Patch Picks: Father's Day Gift Ideas Patch Picks: Father's Day Gift Ideas Patch Picks: Father's Day Gift Ideas Patch Picks: Father's Day Gift Ideas


It took us a while to come up with a list of what to get our dads for Father's Day. In our experience, dads are more difficult to shop for than moms. After all, how many Craftsman screwdrivers does a person really need?

Luckily, one of our favorite dads, Patch's own , came to the rescue with these failsafe Father’s Day gift ideas. Thanks, Doug! Buy your dad a new phone, Doug's kids! 

1. Baseball tickets: Save the date, and buy the man that taught you to throw a ball a couple of tickets to a Nationals game this summer. Make it a trip for just the two of you, or invite the whole family along. When you're there, get him a couple of beers, a couple of hotdogs or some Cracker Jacks. Treat dad to the home-game memories he gave you as a child.

2. iPhone: Apparently there are still people in this world who don't have a smartphone. If your dad has been fiddling with yours, take the hint (Doug's kids). He wants an iPhone, and all the little pleasures that come with it: virtual poker, Angry Birds, price checker apps, Facebook, Siri, GPS and more.

3. Gift certificate to Home Depot, Strosniders, Sears: Or whichever home improvement store floats the boat of your father's renovation dreams. Look, maybe Dad really just wants another screwdriver. Who are we to stop him? Let him pick out all the screwdrivers in the world, and a few 2x4s to screw together with a decent gift certificate. It's not cheating. Everyone likes gift certificates.

4. Framed picture of the kids: This one also comes from Doug! We'll wait for your "awwwws" and fuzzy feelings to die down… Are you an older child? Off to college for the first time? Did you take a job two states away and can't get home as often as you'd like? Frame a few pictures of your favorite family memories for Dad, and do a nice job of it. Print a few 5x7s and 8x10s, color correct the red-eye and mat the photos with his favorite colors. Is that too artsy-craftsy for you? Doug also said a nice SD card frame would suffice -- just remember to load some pictures on it first.

5. Steak: Your dad's summer station is in front of his grill -- marinating, flipping and cursing his way to the best burgers you've ever had ever. Show Dad you appreciate his culinary expertise with some high quality meat. Doug suggests trying out Hemp's in Jefferson, MD, where you can get some of the finest NY Strip Steaks in the area.

6. Board games: We're not talking your old Shoots and Ladders. No Candy Land for your old man. Board games have evolved since you were 10. We recommend Settlers of Catan and 7 Wonders. Looking for more ideas? Wired came out with a best of list you can check out here.

7. Tour of local breweries: Flying Dog in Frederick comes to mind. Book fast though, the tours sell out quickly.

8. K-Cup coffee machine: "My dad is obsessed with his," says Bethesda Patch Editor, . "Something about the novelty of making one cup of coffee from a machine that resembles a small spaceship, I think?"

9. Movie gift certificates: Summer movie season is coming up. Give dad a chance to get some alone time, or take mom out on a relaxing date.

10. Golf date: Were none of these ideas good enough for you and your dad? If cost and time are no issue, we recommend some good, old-fashioned, father-child bonding time. Spring for a round of golf and dinner afterward, and while you’re at it, take a few more pictures to put in the SD Card Frame you're also getting.

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