23 Aug 2014
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Dulaney Liquors Moving Out

The owner of the nearly 40-year-old store is choosing to retire after a dispute with management.

Dulaney Liquors Moving Out

The landlord ofis looking for a new liquor store, as the store's current owner looks to clear house.

A sign outside the Dulaney Plaza store says "everything must go."

Lawrence Taubman, president of landlord Taubman Properties, wouldn't comment about why the store is leaving, but said he is trying to work with the owner and interested partners who may want to take the store over.

"We're suprised that he decided to just give up, but we've been trying to work with him," Taubman said.

According to the Baltimore County Liquor Board, the liquor license is in the name of an Anthony and Louis Coliano. Louis J. Coliano is listed as the resident agent for Dulaney Liquors Inc. in state records.

"Next July I'd be here 40 years," said a man who identified himself as the store owner but would only give his name as Jack. He implied that Taubman may have a tough time moving the liquor license to a new owner. "I'm not staying and I'm not leaving my license here."

He said Taubman Properties had asked him to make renovations worth "$138,000 and change" to the store in exchange for lower rent, but he opted to retire instead, probably moving to Delaware.

So for the next few weeks, he said, all his products will be sold at his cost plus $2.

"About 15 cases of wine in the back and this is it," he said. "What sells, sells."

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