23 Aug 2014
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Recher Theatre Faces No Disciplinary Action Following Melee

The Towson venue incited controversy in September when fights occurred outside the facility.

Recher Theatre Faces No Disciplinary Action Following Melee

Recher Theatre will keep its liquor license following a violent melee that occured outside its premises in September.

The Towson venue appeared before the Baltimore County Liquor Board to defend its license on Monday.

Baltimore County and Recher Theatre management came to a written agreement that the venue was not responsible for the incident. The agreement also listed stipulations such as not working with a promoter who would sell tickets in excess of Recher's capacity of 630 people to ensure that a similar event would not occur.

Following the decision, Brian Recher, owner of Recher, thanked the Towson business community for its support.

"We've entertained millions of people...we had one unfortunate incident," he said.

Recher caught the local media spotlight after fights broke out among a crowd of approximately 2,500 people outside the building. Seven men were arrested for their roles in the fights.

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