Jul 28, 2014
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Speak Out: Metal Detectors in Schools?

School Superintendent Stephen Guthrie says metal detectors are not warranted in Carroll County schools.

Speak Out: Metal Detectors in Schools?

On the heels of two gun-related incidents in Baltimore County, Baltimore County schools are beefing up security, including hand-held metal detectors for some security personnel. 

Carroll County, however, has no plans to utilize metal detectors in schools at this time.

On the first day of school in Baltimore County, there was a shooting at Perry Hall High School. Then this week, a 13-year-old at the teachers and students before the teacher removed the gun from the student, according to  Essex Patch.

Do you think Carroll County schools should consider installing metal detectors? Tell us in comments. 

Starting immediately, there will be additional officers to patrol inside middle and high schools in Baltimore County and school resource officers will be issued handheld metal detectors according to a WJZ report

Superintendent Stephen Guthrie said he meets regularly with the coordinator of security for public schools and the feeling is that "installing metal detectors in our schools at this time is not warranted." 

Guthrie said there are safety protocols in place and the school system has a positive and cooperative relationship with local law enforcement agencies. 

"Instead [of metal detectors] we are concentrating on our efforts for school security on improving visitor management protocols at each school, upgrading our radio communications within each school, expansions and upgrades to surveillance cameras, and training of staff," Guthrie told Patch in an email.

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