Jul 30, 2014

Online Course Leads to Friendship From Australia to Maryland

"They said everything was so big in America."

Online Course Leads to Friendship From Australia to Maryland
One of the benefits of taking a college course is meeting new people—even when you take the course online. Blogger Jane Reville wrote about a recent visit from a faraway friend she met while taking a class through Anne Arundel Community College (AACC).

"Little did I know that taking a writing course online at AACC would develop into a relationship with a woman in Australia," she wrote in the blog  AACC Leads to Friendship in Australia.

Reville detailed how the two communicated for five years before they met and how her Australian visitors reacted to experiencing a Maryland winter.

"They had never seen snow or a frozen creek or experienced 3 degrees," she wrote.

Reville learned about life in Australia: the tropical climate, how parrots cockatoos nest in trees and kangaroos frequent the school playground. So they could experience the state capital, she took the visitors to see Annapolis.

"They said everything was so big in America, our homes, our stores, our roads, our variety of goods, and our celebrations," she wrote.

Click here to read Reville's full blog post about how visitors from another country perceived Maryland.

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