Jul 28, 2014
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What Will Happen to Mount McComas?

Empty lot has a initial application, but no word from developer since February.

What Will Happen to Mount McComas?

In a neighborhood with quiet streets, single-family homes and a few new townhouses, it's entirely out of place - a thin empty lot on McComas Avenue, between two streets with a hill in the center, covered by high grass.

Mount McComas, as some neighbors call it, is owned and planned to be developed on by Kensington Heights 2, LLC. It's the same company , next to the mall entrance.

A preliminary plan, submitted on February 3, 2011, shows three single-family detached homes and 11 attached townhouses in three sets.

The planner assigned to this proposed development, Patrick Butler, said he has not heard anything further from the developer. 

"I’m gearing up to take several plans to the Board prior to the August break, but this is not one of them," Butler said in an email.

The second Kensington Heights development would join a proposed apartment building down the street, on the current site of the First Baptist Church of Wheaton, as the church plans to move to Olney.

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