23 Aug 2014
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5 Most Popular Articles in June

Here's what captured Arlington's attention.

5 Most Popular Articles in June 5 Most Popular Articles in June 5 Most Popular Articles in June

1.) (June 22)

The body of 82-year-old Barbara Benes was recovered Thursday, June 21.

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2.) (June 7)

Six applicants were in the running for Arlington's two new liquor-store licenses, which were approved by voters in April.

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3.) (June 20)

Somerville detectives arrested five men—four from Arlington, one from Somerville—in connection to an alleged Percocet drug deal that occurred in and around the Johnnie's Foodmaster parking lot in West Somerville, according to a police report.

4.) (June 6)

The owner of Little Joe’s Convenience told police at about 4 p.m. Friday that approximately two weeks prior an “occasional customer” had racked up a $900 lottery bill. He said the customer asked if he could settle the bill the following day, and he agreed and took down the customer’s phone number. However, the customer never came back, and the phone number he gave went straight to an automated phone message, according to the owner.

5.) (June 2)

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