Jul 30, 2014

Arlington Police Recover Stolen Chief Washakie Statue

The historic statue, which was recovered Tuesday, is believed to have been stolen from the Cyrus E. Dallin Art Museum last Thursday night.

Arlington Police Recover Stolen Chief Washakie Statue

Arlington Police recovered a historic bronze statue of Chief Washakie Tuesday. The statue, valued at $10,000, is believed to have been stolen from the grounds of the last Thursday night.

“We’re happy that we helped preserve this treasured statue,” Arlington Police Chief Fred Ryan said in a statement, “and given the historical and symbolic significance of it, we gave this case a very high priority. In the end, it was good old fashioned police work, knocking on doors and talking to people, that closed the case.”

Police have identified a suspect and are continuing to investigate, according to a Wednesday press release.

A museum trustee reported Dallin’s 40-inch replica of the Shoshone chief on horseback missing at about 3:15 p.m. Friday, May 25. The trustee believed that the statue, which had been bolted to a large granite base in the museum’s fenced-in, side garden, had been taken sometime during the previous night.

Immediately following the report, Arlington Police detectives began an investigation, which included information sharing through the NEMLEC (North Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council) Detectives Network.

The statue was not damaged, according to police.

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