Jul 30, 2014

Parents Demand Answers in Football Locker Room Thefts

“This not the first, second or even third time that this has happened,” said one parent.

Parents Demand Answers in Football Locker Room Thefts

Parents of football players are demanding answers and action from school officials, after several players were victims of theft from their lockers while they were at an away game on Friday.

According to the report, student athletes returned from a game against Woburn High School about 10 p.m. on Friday to discover iPods, wallets, money and other items had been stolen while they were out. Several lockers were missing locks, except for one that was found half cut, according to the report.

Several parents told Arlington Patch this is not the first time students are victims of theft from the school’s locker room.

One of them, John Jacey, wrote an email to Superintendent Kathleen Bodie, Principal Mary Villano and the , asking for a discussion at the committee’s next meeting about how to solve the issue.

“Consider yourself fortunate that you are not amongst the parents that are spending the morning dealing with canceling bank and credit cards, canceling and replacing cell phones, making holiday budgets that now include new iPods and wondering, ‘Why does this continue to go on?’” Jacey wrote.

Football teams from Watertown and Stoneham high schools played in Arlington Friday, and they used the freshman locker room, according to the police report. The bathrooms were open and there is direct access to the varsity locker room from there, according to the report.

The night janitor said it was unclear if the varsity locker room had been locked, according to the report.

In his letter, Jacey wrote, “This not the first, second or even third time that this has happened.”

“This issue has repeatedly been brought,” Jacey wrote, “the decrepit condition of the locker rooms, unsecured lockers that don't lock and an athletic department that continues to instruct our student athletes to leave valuable belongings in this situation and not allow them to either take them along or otherwise secure them.”

And, Jacey added, players’ cleats have been stolen in recent weeks, which "happened last year as well.”

Jacey asked to be placed on the School Committee’s meeting agenda for Oct. 27.

“Better yet, how about the School Committee meet a group of concerned parents in the locker room at 6:15 on the 27th and together we can discuss near-term and long-term solutions to this issue,” he wrote.

Arlington Patch was unable to reach Bodie, Villano and Athletics Director Ted Dever for comment on Tuesday.

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