23 Aug 2014
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Rescued Dog ‘Arli’ Recovering at Local Animal Hospital

After long time of neglect, pooch starting to get care she needs.

Rescued Dog ‘Arli’ Recovering at Local Animal Hospital

The dog that by the Animal Rescue League of Boston is recuperating at a local animal hospital, a league spokeswoman said Monday.

The female mixed-breed, which was in rough shape when it was found near , has been named “Arli,” according to Jennifer Wooliscroft, of the league. Arli is believed to have been a stray, she said.

After what appears to be a long time of neglect, Arli has garnered quite a bit of attention since she was brought in. A photo of her on the league’s Facebook page had more than 150 likes and 100 comments as of Monday night, just 24 hours after it was posted.

Arli has a long road ahead, according to Wooliscroft. Initial tests showed that she has both external and internal parasites. More tests were being done Monday to check for heartworm, and she has a cough that the veterinarians are keeping an eye on.

Arli was found covered in red ants and fleas, and her skin and nails were in poor condition, Wooliscroft said. Her rough appearance is probably due to a combination of being outside, exposed to the elements, being underfed and dehydrated, and the parasites, she said.

“She was happy to get food and water,” Wooliscroft said.

“She was nervous but friendly,” she added.

Assuming the treatments work, Arli would move to the league’s Boston shelter and then after further treatment, time to acclimate and both physical and behavioral evaluations, she would possibly be up for adoption.

“We’re hoping for good news,” Wooliscroft said. “We’re hoping her conditions are treatable.”

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