23 Aug 2014
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Review of Buzzell Field

A playground 'buzzing' with sleepiness.

Review of Buzzell Field Review of Buzzell Field Review of Buzzell Field Review of Buzzell Field

It's not that Buzzell Field is boring, exactly.

The park has two baseball diamonds, a basketball court, a large grassy field, and a playground. Several small paths lead to it: from Water Street, from the Minuteman Bikeway, and from a nearby housing complex. Parking on Summer Street isn't too hard to find, and the park is fenced to prevent fast-moving toddlers from dashing into the busy street.

But yet.

The playground has some shade, but otherwise the place was very sunny. We were the only people there on this beautiful morning. Overall, the place had that hot, quiet, sunny, terribly still sense of a school that's closed for the summer.

I don't know if it was the particular day, our moods, or the fact that perhaps the Buzzell Field playground really isn't that exciting, but we were all, to be honest, bored there. The climbing structure is fine. Nice, really. There's a wall with shapes, numbers, and an alphabet. A bridge connects two sections.  Max tried out the tunnel. Sienna swung on the swings. Max briefly tried a swing and, as usual, decided against it. My friend and I tried to remain enthusiastic. The children made their way to the diggers.

Diggers! The playground at Buzzell Field has a large sand pit and two diggers—the kind you operate by pulling the two handle-levers to scoop and dig and lift and dump a scooper full of sand. Max and Sienna played with the diggers. They dropped trains into the sand and used the diggers to scoop them up. These diggers are a better size for toddlers than the ones at Lussiano Park.

But yet. The diggers were only interesting for so long. Then Max wandered off and found a long stick. Sticks, he discovered, are very fun. You can walk along a fence, letting one end of the stick drag along the fence, and it makes a neat noise! You can bang the stick on a bench, the fence, or the ground! You can scratch in the sand. You can wave it around.

The stick, for Max, seemed to be the highlight of this playground. Sienna, for her part, was losing interest in the diggers. We decided to give up and walk to Starbucks.

One very nice feature of Buzzell field is its proximity to the bike path and to Arlington Center. We strolled our way (distractedly, as any walk with a toddler tends to be) "into town," as it were, and enjoyed a nice little outing at Starbucks, with the appropriate parties enjoying coffee, milk, and apple slices.

And then it was time to walk back to Buzzell, down the bike path, stopping to climb up and jump off and climb up and walk along and walk back and jump off and climb up the little stone wall that runs along the bike path by Water Street.

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