23 Aug 2014
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The Story Behind Arlington’s ‘Fish Car’

No, it’s not Fresh Pond Seafood’s answer to the Oscar Mayer ‘Wienermobile.’

The Story Behind Arlington’s ‘Fish Car’

If you’ve driven down Mass. Ave. in Arlington recently, you’ve probably seen the silver “Fish Car” in the Shell station parking lot at the corner of Coleman Road.

Frankly, it’s hard to miss.

But what exactly is it?

Turns out it’s an art project by Arlington architect/sculptor William Turville.

Turville is an environmental activist as well. The following description is posted on the car:

“FishCar is made of recycled metal and wood and a recycled 1990 Dodge Omni saved from the crusher where not only most of the parts of the car would be wasted but most of the energy, materials and time spent producing it would be discarded and added to the ever-growing waste from our industrialized world. Nearly everything we own and use daily can have a second life.”

The car has been involved in various art festivals, including FIGMENT.

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