Jul 28, 2014
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Attleboro School Committee Member Asked to Step Down

Attleboro School Committee Chairman Ray DiCiaccio has asked a member to step down.

Attleboro School Committee Member Asked to Step Down Attleboro School Committee Member Asked to Step Down

After a heated and sometimes controversial relationship between Attleboro School Committee Chairman Ray DiCiaccio and Committee Member Teri Enegren, DiCiaccio has asked Enegren to resign her post from the School Committee.

Enegren, who has served for two years on the committee and was re-elected recently to serve another term, was asked to step down via an e-mail request.

The Chairman said it's because of her lack of attendance. Enegren, however, said DiCiaccio does not like that she requests information about school-related issues including the recent school bus debacle.

"Most people will respect the fact that unforeseen life changes are at the root of your absenteeism and that because you can not fully commit to doing the job the way it should be done, it would be best to give someone else the opportunity," DiCiaccio wrote in his email to Enegren.

"There are no recent changes in my life that have affected my serving on the School Committee," Enegren shot back. "I am still travelling as I have for the past two years so your statements are incorrect – you have known about my travel since the last election. Ray, I view your request as nothing more than sour grapes. Please move on and let’s look ahead and not back. It’s time for you to realize that you need to act like a Chairman, support your committee members’ effort and try to finish up your term with respect toward everyone."

DiCiaccio said his request was an informal request.

"This is a personal request based on community concern," DiCiaccio said  "I have received more calls and comments regarding this than any other issue over the last 22 months and felt I need to express my concern based on that.

"She has missed 22 meetings, which is more than double than any other member," he added. "That does not even include tardiness, there are many meetings that were 75 percent over before she arrived."

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