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Finding the Right Preschool, a Blessing for Any Parent

Little Blessings brings a mix of prayer and social learning together, a perfect fit for one Attleboro mom.

Finding the Right Preschool, a Blessing for Any Parent Finding the Right Preschool, a Blessing for Any Parent Finding the Right Preschool, a Blessing for Any Parent Finding the Right Preschool, a Blessing for Any Parent Finding the Right Preschool, a Blessing for Any Parent Finding the Right Preschool, a Blessing for Any Parent

My son Jacob turned 3 over the summer and was ready for preschool. He was already registered at a preschool outside of Attleboro. We had already made the decision the year before and at the time, we thought it would be the best choice for him.

It was the first day of school and what I thought would be harder for me was more difficult for Jacob. Like many other children, Jacob had a bout of separation anxiety. Okay, so it wasn't a bout. What should have gone away after a few days or weeks of school turned into months. It was not worth it and so we decided to move him to a school in Attleboro. And so the hunt for the perfect place began. 

I had checked out a few schools that I liked, but I just wasn’t 100 percent convinced they'd be the best fit for Jacob. I needed to feel that it was the best fit. In the meantime, Jacob cried everytime we had to drop him off at school. I happened to mention the situation to a neighbor who told me that  her church had a preschool and that it was wonderful.

She was talking about located at 841 North Main St. in Attleboro. It was close to home and it was also recommended by parents on Patch's Q&A section. I called and was greeted by the Director, Dina Spenciner. She was extremely pleasant to talk with and set up a date for me to come in and see the school.

While my visit was to find a school for Jacob in the fall, turned into me signing him up for school in January. I just couldn't take  another week of my son crying at school. He shouldn’t be that stressed out for what should be a fun experience for him. I called Spenciner again to discuss how my son was doing in the other school and she was so kind and welcoming. It was during our conversation that I realized Little Blessings would be the school for Jacob. I hadn’t even had my walk through yet, but I just knew!

I still kept my appointment to visit the school and went in with my younger son Ryan. It was more than I expected! They had three separate classrooms with two teachers per classroom so the children could get more one-on-one than they would in a large class setting. The children were working on table cloths for Thanksgiving and making homemade applesauce. This was great; it was exactly what I wanted.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy switching Jacob in the middle of a school year, but it just felt right. I knew he would adjust and enjoy it. Jacob finished up at his old school and I asked Dina if I could bring him by Little Blessings before he started after Christmas break. “Of course,” she said. So, I brought Jacob by to meet his new classmates.

The children were so sweet when we came by and greeted him by playing with him during their open play time. The teachers, Miss Heather (Plante) and Miss Marcy (Mangion), gave him a T-shirt and show and tell bag and told him they looked forward to him being their new friend. He seemed to really be happy and I had a huge sigh of relief and felt confident that I made the right decision.

Each time we passed by the school, I reminded Jacob that it would be his new school. I showed him how close he was to home and that mommy was not far from him.

It must have helped, because on the big day I wished him luck and he said goodbye and went in.

Wow, was this really happening? Did my son just say goodbye and go into the class without crying? This was a great day and I couldn’t wait to pick him up to see if he liked it.

Guess what? He loved it! He liked how they got to pick weekly jobs and he said the other children were friendly. I was also greeted by the parents in the hall and they were very welcoming. I'm happy to report that Ryan will be joining Little Blessings in the Fall for the two-day program and Jacob will move on to the three-day program.

The wonderful thing about Little Blessings is they offer two preschool programs as well as a Kindergarten program. The monthly cost to attend the two-day class is $155, three days is $195, and Kindergarten $275. If you are a parent like me next year with more than one student in the school you will receive a 10 percent sibling discount.

The teachers come out to your home in the summer to welcome your child to the school and spend some time with them. This is great when the child arrives at school they will remember their teacher.

He will be fortunate to continue on with Miss Marcy, and my younger son Ryan will also get to be with Miss Heather and Miss Marcy because the school puts sibling the same classroom as their older brother or sister. This will make it an easy transition.

Fellow Attleboro mom, Jill Richards, whose daughter Lauren is in Jacob’s class said “I love how the families are involved and invited to be part of the preschool.”

Little Blessings still currently has some openings for the Fall 2011 school year. They will also be launching a website for the school with an anticipated date sometime in April.

In the end, finding a school that is a perfect fit for your child is a blessing. Attleboro has so many great preschools. So, if you are currently looking for a great preschool why not check out Little Blessings. From one parent to another, I certainly am glad I did.

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