Jul 28, 2014

Mayor Dumas Declares 'Citywide Snow Emergency'

He says residents should stay home and off city streets unless they have an extreme emergency.

Mayor Dumas Declares 'Citywide Snow Emergency'

With what the National Weather Service is calling "a potential historic winter storm" expected to strike Attleboro Friday and Saturday, Mayor Kevin Dumas is urging residents to stay home. He has declared a "citywide snow emergency" for Attleboro that will go into effect Friday at 7 a.m. and last until further notice.

As much as two feet of snow could fall on Attleboro from Friday morning through Saturday afternoon, the NWS' forecast says. A blizzard warning has been issued for the city, as well the rest of Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

"Conditions are expected to deteriorate rapidly with travel likely to become virtually impossible at times," a city press release states. "Therefore, Mayor Dumas is asking that residents stay home and off of city streets unless they have an extreme emergency."

Vehicles cannot be parked on city streets beginning Friday at 7 a.m. until further notice so that the plows can clear snow.

"We recognize that in some locations of the city, the ability to park off of the street is limited," said Dumas, according to the press release. "But, the difficult job of clearing the snow is made more difficult if the streets are full of vehicles. We ask that citizens take the necessary steps to ensure their vehicle is not ticketed or towed."

An emergency shelter will open at La Salette Shrine (947 Park St.) Friday at 12 p.m. The city urges people to seek shelter with friends or family first if they must evacuate. Coming to La Salette should only be done as a last resort, the city advises.

If needed, an emergency operations center will open at the Attleboro police station. Residents can dial 508-223-2275 to reach the EOC about storm-related issues. For emergencies, residents should call 911. Go here for other important contact information.

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