Jul 30, 2014
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Meet Attleboro City Council Candidate: Jeremy Denlea

Jeremy Denlea is running for Attleboro City Council, Ward 5.

Meet Attleboro City Council Candidate: Jeremy Denlea

Name: Jeremy Denlea

Seat: Attleboro Municipal Council, Ward 5

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Colorado College; Juris Doctor degree at the Boston University School of Law. 

Offerings: Jeremy Denlea, candidate for Attleboro City Council Ward 5, said he wants to offer the City of Attleboro and Ward 5 three main things: new energy, new ideas and transparency. 

Denlea,26, says he might have a young face, but it comes with a lot of energy, according to the candidate who is running against Jerry Chase and Howard Levine. 

"I am passionate about the issues that affect the Ward 5 community," Denlea said. "I am not bogged down in the "good old boys (and girls)" style of governance."

The candidate said he is open to ideas from others and is willing to work with anyone to help better the City of Attleboro. 

Most of all, Denlea said he'd like to see more transparency at every level of Attleboro government. "Lack of transparency and dissemination of information has been a continued problem," he said referring to his offer to make his own my financial records open to the public at any time.

In fact, he said he is going beyond what is expected of him in the coming election, which is to turn in his financial information eight days prior to the election. 

"Any genuinely concerned citizen can go to my website and request my campaign's financial information," he said.

Budgetary and fiscal matters are equally important, according to Denlea. "I promise to look at City spending as equal to spending my neighbors money," he said. "If I wouldn't utilize (my or) my neighbor's money for something, it is likely inappropriate for the City to do so."

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