Jul 28, 2014

Reported Violent Crimes Up in Attleboro, Down in Seekonk

The FBI's annual crime report shows an increase from 2010 to 2011 in reported violent crimes in Attleboro.

Reported Violent Crimes Up in Attleboro, Down in Seekonk

More violent crimes were reported in Attleboro in 2011 than were reported in 2010, according to statistics released this week by the FBI. The number reported last year was 168, while 152 were reported in 2010. In Seekonk, the number was down from 35 in 2010 to 26 in 2011.

The FBI's annual Uniform Crime Report includes information submitted by local law enforcement agencies. The information is compiled and released to the public in the fall of the year that follows the reported year. 

Violent crimes include murder and non-negligent manslaughter (willful, non-negligent killing of one human being by another, according to the FBI's website), forcible rape (including attempts and "assaults to commit rape"), robbery and aggravated assault.

In 2011, there was one reported murder in Attleboro and none in Seekonk. The Attleboro murder involved the July death of 50-year-old Joseph Kilrow, who was found stabbed, strangled and slashed in the throat on the floor of his room in an a rooming house that had been set on fire. The accused killer is Rhode Island resident Matthew Gumkowski, who was charged last year with first-degree murder, arson and armed robbery. He is awaiting trial and is also accused of killing a Providence man in a similar manner.

There was also one reported murder in Attleboro in 2010. There was none reported in Seekonk in 2010.

Also reported for Attleboro in 2011 were seven rapes, 20 robberies and 140 aggravated assaults. The 2010 report shows eight rapes, 27 robberies and 116 aggravated assaults.

Seekonk's 2011 report includes three rapes, two robberies and 21 aggravated assaults. The 2010 report shows no rapes, nine robberies and 26 aggravated assaults.

The Uniform Crime Report also features property crimes, which include burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft and arson.

There were 927 reported property crimes in Attleboro in 2011, up from 823 in 2010. This includes 249 burglaries (up from 188 in 2010), 607 larceny-thefts (up from 579 in 2010), 71 motor vehicle thefts (up from 56 in 2010) and three arsons (down from seven in 2010). 

There were 392 reported property crimes in Seekonk in 2011, down from 401 in 2010. This includes 46 burglaries (down from 65 in 2010), 335 larceny-thefts (up from 320 in 2010), 11 motor vehicle thefts (down from 16 in 2010) and three arsons (up from two in 2010). 

A list of the reported crimes in each Massachusetts city and town in 2011 can be found here. The 2010 statistics can be found here. The FBI advises against comparing cities and towns to create rankings. The reasoning is explained here.

Nationwide, the number of reported violent crimes is down for the fifth-straight year. The number of reported property crimes is down for the ninth year in a row. Go here for more information on the nationwide statistics.

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