Jul 28, 2014

MBTA Ridership Has Slight Uptick in 2012

Ridership aboard the MBTA went up by 2.3 percent system-wide in 2012 despite a mid-year fare hike.

MBTA Ridership Has Slight Uptick in 2012

Ridership on the MBTA continued to climb in 2012, averaging over 1.3 million rides per day, despite a fare hike last summer. 

According to figures released by MBTA General Manager Beverly Scott Thursday, 400 million riders took trips on the MBTA in 2012, marking a 2.3 percent increase over ridership in 2011.

Analysts projected ridership would decrease by 5.5 percent once the June increase took effect, but just the opposite occurred, according to a statement from Scott which accompanied the figures.

Also, this was the first time that average daily ridership was above 1.3 million for an entire calendar year, Scott said.

Overall MBTA ridership, which includes the subways, commuter rails, buses, private buses and the RIDE service, has increased each year since 2009, according to the figures.

Last year's uptick includes a 2.6 percent increase in ridership on "heavy rail" service, which includes the red, blue and orange lines.

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