Jul 28, 2014

Swan Boats Opening Friday

Five things to know on Thu, April 12.

Swan Boats Opening Friday

1. Scattered showers are possible today, with a high near 50. The rain may continue into the evening, with a low around 42.

2. The lagoon is about to be refilled for the 135the time and swans - both wooden and real - will make their way back to the pond. Our Public Garden blogger Laura Jennings

3. Interested in volunteering? The at the Prudential Center is your godsend. The free event is on Thu, April 12 from 5:30 - 7:30 in the Huntington and Belvidere Arcades, and will feature more than 50 charities in the Boston region. There will also be a raffle featuring prizes from The Shops at Prudential Center.

4. As part of today the Boston Public Library will participate in Library Snapshot Day. Staff will be taking pictures to show the answer to the question What happens in a single day in Massachusetts libraries? Check out the entertaining and educational moments from last year's 2011 Library Snapshot Day.

5. What's the best sports shop in Back Bay? We've got a good list, so it's up to you to as part of the weekly Best of Patch Readers' Choice poll.

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