21 Aug 2014
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What You're Saying: This Week in Commentary

A collection of comments on this week's selected articles.

What You're Saying: This Week in Commentary

Here at Patch, we like hearing what what YOU have to say about the news. Below is a selection of comments on this week's stories.  Remember, it's never too late to join the discussion. Simply click on the story link to add your comment.

Do the New Bike Helmet Ads Go Too Far?: Are the ads, featuring battered and bloodied cyclists, an effective way to communicate the need for helmets, or do they turn people off to commuting by bike?

Not so sure a helmet will prevent a bloody face. It's a weak ad campaign that won't change whether someone wears a helmet or not. -Joseph

The graphic smoking ads received the same lukewarm, wimpish response. Tobacco kills in ghastly ways and bicyclists in accidents get very badly injured; stop pulling the punches. -PGRD

Too often I witness people who are barely visible, riding in the dark in dark clothing wearing no helmet and using no lights, just relying on a feeble front and or rear reflector. It's a recipe for disaster. -Cheryl Divett

Should Boston Block a Sex Toy Giveaway at City Hall Plaza?: City personnel have asked the Trojan condom company's marketing firm to find an alternative site - something with not as many young families.

The real question should be to the readers is this: "How many people do you know that owns a vibrator?" Everyone reading this article knows at least 3 people that do. Yes, they are that mainstream. You know it. I know it. The only people that refuse to admit it is City Hall. -Joseph

Definitely allow it. Those kids whose parents aren't going to just steer them in the other direction might just learn something useful (like remembering to use a condom!!!). ;-) -Eric Herot

Why should an anti-sex stance be our knee-jerk reaction? We'd all be happier with a healthier attitude. -Ray Swartz

Obama-Romney Presidential Debate: Who Won?: The town hall-style debate gave voice to questions from uncommitted voters. Who handled the issues best?

Obama clearly won. He was thoughtful and convincing in most of his responses, whereas Romney was too eager and boorish in trying to hog the show. Ultimately he lost it, because his past contradictory positions finally caught up with him and put him on the defensive. -Paul Rosenberger

Given the disastrous condition of the economy, I don't believe anything Obama says. In 2008, he said he was going to fix all the economic problems, and it's gotten much worse. Is anybody better off? Not me. I'll take the guy who has the experience to actually get things done. Obama's in way over his head. Obama was thoughtful and convincing? I suggest you do some fact checking before you fall for the same old BS again. -Kasey cowart

Obama came across as substantive and thoughtful. None of us know what issues presidents have to deal with on a daily basis. Romney camne across like a bully asking the same question over and over (e.g., "What's in your pension?") like a third grader who has more toys than all his friends. How many things will Romney do on that first day in office? Add calling China a cheater to that list: Repealing Obamacare, killing Big Bird, de-funding planned parenthood, and cutting the deficit! Busy day, Mitt! -Dan Bellack

In the grand scheme, who won the debate as if this were a high school debate team is not that important. What's more important is who better articulated his vision and came across better since the end goal is convincing voters. In that sense, I think both candidates did pretty well. I would give the edge to Obama for being sharper and crisper in his answers. Also, Romney really stepped in it with his silly attempt to "gotcha" the president on Libya that blew up in his face. Obama had the last word and really hammered Romney with it too. -Robert Orthman

I voted for Obama in 2008 and wanted to believe in him. Things keep getting worse. My employer couldnt afford health insurance and had to have huge layoffs so I lost my job along with 73 other people. Obama care will do the same thing. If Obama helped the economy and things improved, maybe things would be different. But its been the opposite. He doesnt seem to know what he is doing. I really think I want to vote for Romney. -ctownBOS

Romney won again! Obama did not respond many questions and diverted himself away from real answers. His logic on some of the comments about Romney was totally twisted...repeating again the same statements he made in the first debate... -Luis Fernando

BREAKING: 4.0 Maine Earthquake Felt in Boston Area: The U.S. Geological Survey reports a 4.0 shake near Hollis, Maine.

I fell out of my bed.  -Lorelei O'Lott

I'm a Californian, living in a high rise on bedrock in Boston. I felt the quake at home and knew immediately what it was. I was surprised it was so brief and mild, but my 2 cats got bug eyed. It's good to be reminded that earthquakes do happen here. The Cape Ann quake in 1755 was a big one, something like 6 on the Richter scale. I hope people in Boston get serious about earthquake preparedness. I think a lot more attention needs to be paid to earthquake safety for brick buildings on fill in places like Back Bay. -Schuyler Sackett

felt it in Savin Hill! the kids freaked out haha...but I could see things moving/shaking inside the house -Kim Allen


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