Jul 29, 2014

Cape Cod Student Held Without Bail for Alleged Threat to Shoot Students

The Barnstable District Court provided the following. It does not indicate a conviction unless otherwise noted.

Court Report: Wednesday January 16, 2013


AUDET, JODI, 47, 720 Pitcher’s Way Apt. #C28, Hyannis; assault and battery with dangerous weapon, assault with dangerous weapon, pre-trial February 19, 2013

FRATUS PETER T. JR., 40, 77 Winter St., Hyannis; abuse prevention order violation, pre-trial March 5, 2013

JONES, MARK R., 51, 436 Nye Rd., Centerville; threat to commit crime, disturbing school assembly, held without bail pending mental health evaluation until pre-trial February 6, 2013

PIMENTAL, JEFFREY L., 53, 20 Bell Rd., Hyannis; assault with dangerous weapon, assault and battery, witness intimidation, vandalize property, pre-trial February 19, 2013

SANFORD, CHARLES K., 46, 123 Lafrance Ave., Hyannis; OUI-liquor (2nd offense), operating motor vehicle with suspended license, failure to stop for police officer, improper turn, marked lanes violation, pre-trial February 22, 2013

SCIROCCO, DAVID B., 57, 82 School St., Hyannis; threat to commit crime, witness intimidation, disorderly conduct, pre-trial February 19, 2013


KITTRELL, MARIA K., 34, 7 Courtland Way, South Yarmouth; drug possession class A continued without a finding until January 15, 2014, ordered to pay $50 victim witness fee and $50 a month probation fees to start in May, drug possession class B charge dismissed

MORIN, STEPHEN M., 26, 136 Knotty Pine Ln., Centerville; attempt to commit crime, found not guilty at trial

SCHIANO, CIRO, 73, 32 Sea St. Ext. Apt. #25, Hyannis; assault and battery with dangerous weapon, disturbing the peace, charges dismissed due to asstertion of 5th amendment privilege

TENNEY, CHRISTIAN T., 21, 77 Winter St., Hyannis; 2 counts assault and battery, assault and battery with dangerous weapon, resisting arrest, pleaded guilty to all charges, sentenced to probation that will end on January 15, 2014, ordered to pay $100 in fees

THOMPSON, SCOTT A., 50, 77 Winter St., Hyannis; assault and battery with dangerous weapon on a person over 60, assault and battery on person over 60 disabled, disturbing the peace, dismissed due to assertion of 5th amendment privilege

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