Jul 26, 2014

Mayor Menino Delivering 'State of the City' Tonight

The speech is expected to cover an 'aggressive agenda,' including a plan to sell tons of city property for middle-income housing.

Mayor Menino Delivering 'State of the City' Tonight Mayor Menino Delivering 'State of the City' Tonight Mayor Menino Delivering 'State of the City' Tonight

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino will deliver his 20th "State of the City" address tonight, speaking to an anticipated crowd of around 800 people during the 7:30 p.m. event at Faneuil Hall.

As part of the speech, Menino is expected to announce plans to sell more than 1 million sq. ft. of city-owned property for development of middle-income homes, the Boston Herald reported. Officials hope the housing plan, called the “Middle Income Housing Initiative,” will raise $550,000 annually in new property taxes, with the construction of between 200 and 300 single- and two-family homes.

City-owned properties, including undeveloped land and areas containing abandoned homes, will be sold at lower prices as part of the plan, which is expected to roll out this spring, the Herald reported.

The rest of Menino’s address reportedly includes an “aggressive agenda” for the city that closely follows the mayor’s most recent legislative initiatives package, putting a focus on education, public safety and new partnerships.

Many watching will be looking for hints about Menino’s plans for the coming election season—signs he will or will not seek re-election by the May 13 deadline.

The mayor’s "State of the City" address will air at 7:30 p.m. tonight on WCVB Channel 5 and on NECN Channel 6. 

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