Jul 26, 2014
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No Sippy Cup Required

The Charlesmark Hotel lounge offers monthly wine tasting parties.

No Sippy Cup Required

Let’s face it, as a mommy, you do lots of drinking.

Juice boxes, water at pretend tea parties, leftover gulps of milk left at the dinner table, generously offered sippy cup sips at every opportunity, and more sometimes leave your head swimming in the sheer amount of liquids your kids consume on a daily basis. After all the Juicy Juice, its ok to be desirous of some time away to imbibe a more adult beverage or two.

The Charlesmark Hotel offers an amazing and highly affordable Monthly Wine Tasting Party. Each month in their small and intimate lounge space, they offer a relaxed presentation and self-guided wine tasting tour with personal pouring service and tasting comments.

Admission is only $20 and includes six wine samples, a free drink voucher worth $12 toward a future visit, and light appetizers from their Asian-inspired menu, such  as crispy chicken spring rolls, teriyaki angel wings and shu-mai with soy ginger sauce. All guests are also entered to win raffle prizes for hotel stays and lounge visits.

The lounge itself offers an extensive bar, helmed by award-winning Back Bay bartender Jefferson Ryder. Ryder also serves as manager of the Charlesmark Lounge, and tends the bar on Thursday and Friday nights. Pouring drinks for over 20 years, Ryder has earned the respect and loyalty of his patrons through his creativity and bold taste.

A creation of his, the Dancing Bear Martini, is just one of the many signature cocktails that Ryder has concocted. Easily identifiable by the skewer of rainbow flavored gummy bears over which the drink is poured and garnished, the drink’s subtle hint at childhood playfulness will have even the most house-bound of mommies at ease.

The Charlesmark Hotel is located at 655 Boylston St. For more information, call them at 617-247-1224, or visit their website. Email and Facebook announcements are sent in prior to each tasting party, and RSVPs are required.

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