Jul 28, 2014
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Belmont Joins in 12/12/12 Wedding Craze

Rather then looking for a lucky day, groom wanted an easy anniversary date to remember.

The bride wore her best canvas sneakers and sweats while the groom donned a favorite red "Che" T-shirt.

And the Belmont couple came to Belmont Town Hall this afternoon to be married.

Alexander Huang and Pallas Sun choose a less than average Wednesday to be married. That's because today, Dec. 12, 2012, creates a "triple 12" – 12/12/12 – making it a very special day to those who believe in luck. In fact, it's a once in a life time event as the next triple date won't be until January 1, 2101 (and that will be 01/01/01).

According to an article on Huffington Post's Wedding website, "an estimated 7,500 couples across the U.S. will tie the knot on Wednesday, a huge increase over last year when just 485 pairs married on 12/12/11."

In many Asian nations or in locations with a large Asian population, the day – which many people believe to be a lucky combination – has been filled with weddings and mass celebrations as brides and grooms tied the knot. 

According to the press association AFP, couples also queued to marry in many mainland Chinese cities, on the basis that 12/12/12 sounded like "Will love/will love/will love" in Chinese, the official news agency Xinhua reported.

But for Alexander and Pallas, Dec. 12 was happened to be a good day to be married. For one, it's one of Pallas' days off from working for a Boston hotel. 

"I didn't care what day just that we did it," she said.

And for Alexander; well, he wanted an anniversary day he could recall years from now.

"12/12 just seemed really easy to remember," Alexander said after he was united in marriage to Pallas by Town Clerk Ellen Cushman.

The pair met – or reunited – in New York three years ago at a reunion of their elementary school in Taiwan. While Pallas said her husband remembered the best athletes and students, he couldn't recall her despite being in the same class.

But then again, Pallas admitted that she didn't remember him either.

But they are now living in Belmont. While they wanted a wedding, Pallas said it was more important for the pair to save for a down payment on a house or condo rather than to spend it on an expensive ceremony.

"I guess I will owe her (a wedding) later," said Alexander.

So the couple joined Cushman and a member of the media who served as a witness in the enclave of the second floor Board of Selectmen's Room where the Town Clerk conducted the civil service, during which they exchanged "temporary" rings as a pair that were made by Alexander's friend in Taiwan didn't arrive on time.

And while their ceremony was particularly low-key, the pair is celebrating this evening with a dinner with friends.

"It is a special day for us," said Alexander as he and his bride strode off into the parking lot.

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