Jul 28, 2014
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Belmont's Best Place to Get Away is ...

The answer was found both in a good sweat and out of town.

Belmont's Best Place to Get Away is ...

Where is the best get-away-from-it-all spot in Belmont? It turned out that those voting on our poll believed that the way to ones get-away place was within ones self both in and out of town.

Tying for first in out get away was the basic exercising – running, biking and just strolling around Belmont was good enough for most people – along with leaving the confines of the town. I mean, the poll question was concerning "getting away."

In joint second place is the wide open spaces around town: Belmont conservation land including Rock Meadow and Lone Tree Hill and the Mass Audubon's Habitat.

Check back Monday for next week's poll, and you'll get to vote on the Best Place to Find Grill-ables (that would be meat and stuff for the BBQ) in and around  Belmont.

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