Jul 29, 2014
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Map Your Walk Around Belmont

Grant from walkBoston allowed town to put interesting routes onto map.

Map Your Walk Around Belmont

One advantage to living in Belmont is that nearly any place you want to go to you can do so by putting your shoes on and walking to it.

The schools, business centers, transportation lines and recreation area are all within walking distance. In fact, it could probably take a person less time to walk the 20 minutes from Cushing Square to Belmont Center then it would driving and trying to find a close by parking space.

Now Belmont is about to help residents and vistors explore more attractions via foot when town officials and staff join residents to unveil the "Belmont Walking Map" at a press conference on Monday, May 7 at 6 p.m. at the Wellington Station next to the First Church Belmont at the intersection of Common Street and Concord Avenue.

The map – a pdf version is attached to this web page – displays walking routes that residents and visitors can take to explore neighborhoods, to walk from one center to another, seek out historic houses and barns and to enjoy the town's conservation lands such as Lone Tree Hill and Rock Meadow. 

Each of the routes are along designated walking paths or streets with sidewalks and good walking infrastructure. The walking routes shown on the map measure the distances in five minute segments.

Using the map, people can spend many hours becoming reacquainted with town amenities and at the same time take either a vigorous walk or a pleasant stroll.

The map was developed through the town's Planning and Economic Development Manager, Jay Szklut, who received a grant from walkBoston, the leading organization to advocate for safe walking conditions and to encourage walking as part of one’s  daily activities. 

To develop the map, the Town’s Planning Division worked with Bob Sloane, walkBoston’s project manager for walking maps, to decide which streets and routes should be incorporated into the map. 

Two residents, former State Rep. Anne Paulsen and former Planning Board Chair, Jenny Fallon, volunteered time and effort to assist in the development of the walks and the routes that were included in the final version of the map.


Copies of the map will be available to residents and visitors at the Town Hall, the Public Library, the Beech Street Senior Center, and also on the town’s website ( go to “About Belmont” on the town's home page). Along with the walking map, a bicycle map highlighting existing bicycle accommodations is also available on the website.

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