Jul 29, 2014

Police Log: Phones Go Missing

An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

Police Log: Phones Go Missing

Rolling up its sleeves

Aug. 24 – Officers were sent to the Dunkin' Donuts on Trapelo Road and not for the reason you think. The store manager told officers that someone had taken two of the plastic coverings of the cement posts in the parking lot. Officers took a look at surveillance cameras and sure enough, around 8 p.m. four teens were seen walking through the parking lot with the sleeves. Then the manager told the officers that employees found the coverings near the store. This is not the first time the sleeves have been taken and probably not the last time.

Possession is 100 percent of ownership

Aug 24 – A Springfield Street resident called about her cell phone being stolen. She told officers that she left it in a convenient store. She called her mobile provider who turned off the SIM card. But later that day the phone was reactivated. So officers called the "new" owner. The Dorchester resident said he purchased the phone at a phone shop. When asked to come into the station to show the officers his reciept, he said no and hung up.

How will anyone know who to vote for?

Aug. 25 – A Sharpe Road resident said someone took a political sign from his front lawn. Welcome to local politics.

Fight Club, sort of

Aug. 26 – Officers were sent to Trapelo Road just after midnight for a fight in progress. There they found a pair of boys who said they were just "playing" in the nearby playground and ended up in the street. A parent came by to take one of the participants home.

To a better home

Aug. 28 – Police came by a Park Road house to collect several fire arms for safe keeping.

All's Well That Ends Well in Belmont

Aug. 28 – It appeared that a day at the Underwood Pool would be a bad one for one resident who told officer that his smart phone was "stolen" around 3 p.m.. He then used a "cloud-based identification device" that used the phone's GPS software to locate it in the Orchard Street and Chenery Terrace area. But officers were unable to contact the person who had the phone. Just before 9 p.m., the rightful owner called police with good news: an Orchard Street resident called the man to say his daughter had found the phone at the pool and, thinking it was lost, took it home. 

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