21 Aug 2014
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Police Log: Attempted Murder on Brighton and Cross

The following information was supplied by the Belmont Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

Police Log: Attempted Murder on Brighton and Cross

Here's Ole!

Aug. 20 – At 51 minutes past midnight, officers were called to a Cushing Avenue address for an incident that they were told involved an axe. When they arrived, the caller, a woman waiting outside the dwelling, told them a man she knew broke down a door with an axe to get into a room she was located and then physically restrained her from leaving. The officers found a small axe and witnessed a hole chopped in an interior door. Arrested for assault and battery and intimidating a witness was Ole Moestrup, 56, of 58 Cushing Ave. The woman declined a temporary restraining order.

Make yourself at home

Aug. 20 – At 1:27 a.m., a female living on Skahan Road called police to say when she got home from work, she arrived to find all the lights on in her place and an open bottle of wine on her kitchen counter. No one should be in her abode, she told police. It was determined later that a visitor from overseas who was staying with the upstair neighbors had entered the wrong apartment and decided to make himself at home. 

Sleepy time driving

Aug. 20 – At 4:49 a.m., an officer on patrol came upon a minivan at the busy intersection of Pleasant and Leonard idling at a stop light. And the minivan continued to idle through three light cycles. Feeling something was up, the officer hit his blue lights. The driver then appeared to quickly wake up. The officer discovered the young minivan driver was disoriented and there was on odor of alcohol in the vehicle. Elijah Adamson, 23, of 95 Summer St. in Somerville was arrested for OUI drinks. 

Estate dispute goes online

Aug. 20 – At 6:46 p.m., a man and his uncle are in a dispute over who would be the beneficiary of the estate of a recently deceased Winslow Road man. The younger man said his uncle was posting nasty comments about him online, hurting his claim to the estate. He simply wanted police to record his complaint. 

Son hits father, arrested

Aug. 21 – At 12:32 a.m., police were called to a Pinehurst Road address concerning an ongoing dispute that escalated to the point where the son struck his father. Arrested for domestic assault and battery was Naresh Thacker, 31, of 3 Pinehurst Rd.

Attempted murder charges against Waltham man

Aug. 22 – Between 1 a.m. and 5 p.m., a Belmont woman and her Waltham boyfriend were involved in an ongoing series of arguments in both communities. The man, Michael Keane, 21, of 22 Prentiss St. in Waltham, attacked the woman several times during the four hours and threatened to stab her with a kitchen knife and strangle her with a phone cord. In one incident, she attempted to flee from her home towards Brighton and Cross streets when Keane chased her down and began strangling her. He only stopped when they agreed to return to her place. She called police hours later, telling them that despite her ordeal, she was only a little sore after the experience. She was issued an emergency restraining order and Keane was arrested by Belmont and Waltham police in his Waltham home. He was charged with attempted murder for strangling the victim in Belmont, threats to commit a crime, assault with a deadly weapon, assault and battery and intimidation of a witness. 

Lead foot suspended for the time being

Aug. 23 – At 5:49 p.m., police were on detail at both School and Orchard streets (because many drivers are now of the belief the streets are part of a new raceway after the streets were reconstructed and provided a new blacktop as part of the Wellington Elementary School project) when a late-model Subaru roared by an officer at a high rate of speed. Once they got him stopped, officers discovered that not only did the vehicle have an expired nonrenewable registration, the driver was operating with a suspended driver's license. Scott Waidden, 45, of 18 Arcadia Rd. in Malden, was arrested for speeding and the other violations.

Victim of Gator grifter 

Aug. 23 – With the assistance of a bilingual officer from the Waltham Police Department, a Brighton Street man told Belmont Police that he was called by someone who said he was from the T-Mobile cellular service and that he won a substantial prize from the University of Florida. But in order to claim the prize, he would need to pay taxes and handling charges totaling $299 before the university could send his prize. The Brighton Street man not only gave the representative his credit card number but also his bank account information. He told police that $299 was charged against his bank account but he never received the prize. Police told him to cancel all his accounts. 

Keyboard rage

Aug. 23 – At 10:14 p.m., a mother felt that her 18-year-old son was spending too much time on his computer. But when she attempted to take the keyboard away from him, he pushed her causing the mother to hit her head quite hard on the ground. The Fire Department arrived to evaluate her. Based on the police interviews of mother and son, Milton Chan of 7 Walnut St. was arrested for domestic assault and battery. 

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