20 Aug 2014
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Police Log: 'Oh Lovey, the Bentley Has Been Violated'

Incidents provided by the Belmont Police Department does not indicate guilt.

Police Log: 'Oh Lovey, the Bentley Has Been Violated'

Surprise passenger

Aug. 2 – Just before midnight, a man drove up to the drive-through automated teller machine at the Bank of America in Waverley Square. But just as he got to the ATM, a young man wearing a Gap hoodie jumped into the back seat and proceeded to choke the driver, demanding he withdraw cash for him. The driver handed over between $200 and $300 to the Gap man who fled on White Street.

Left on the street

Aug. 3 – Police were called to Beech Street to collect a hypodermic syringe lying on the street at the corner of Beech and Creeley.

Occupied Hub Caps

Aug. 4 – After spending most of the day at the Belmont Country Club, a Weston man discovered that some scallywag had liberated the hubcaps from his 2012 Bentley. What is surprising is that each cost a mere $100.

Hit and go to jail

Aug. 5 – Officers arrived in the afternoon to investigate a report of an escalating argument between a father and son. While the officers were at the scene of the incident, the father struck the child. Shenpeng Gao, 46, of 14 Jeanette Ave. was arrested and charged with assault and battery domestic.

Not her favorite things

Aug. 5 – A credit card representative contacted a Common Street resident about some suspicious activity on one of her cards. The representative asked the woman if she had:

1. charged $200 at Walmart

2. used the card to go shopping at Stop & Shop

and, finally 3. charge $31 in fast food at Burger King.

The Common Street resident responded "no" to each of the questions. She has new cards coming from the credit card company.

Prospects are good for an arrest

Aug. 8 – While out on an early morning patrol, a Belmont officer came across an unusual sight at 1:30 a.m.: a red Ford Escape in the middle of road with its lights on and motor running but no sign of the driver. Now this would normally have sent shivers up the spine but then it was happening on Prospect Street. As the officer got out of his car and approached the seemingly abandoned vehicle, suddenly a heavy-set man came out from behind the vehicle, got in and started driving off. The officer then recognized that the mystery man was someone known to the police, a someone who did not have his license. The officer pulled over Paul Jonald, 19, of 1 Wever Rd., and charged him with operating a motor vehicle without a license. And as the police were inventorying the car before it was towed away, they found some marijuana. Add a charge of possession of a class D drug with intent to distribute.

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