Jul 28, 2014
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What's Opened, Closed on Labor Day in Belmont

Town government and the library is closed, but not all bank branches.

What's Opened, Closed on Labor Day in Belmont

Labor Day – the day set aside under Massachusetts law that requires businesses to close their doors to allow their employees a day off to celebrate American workers.

Unless, of course, you work in a store, according the the Massachusetts Secretary of State's office.

Only retail establishments in Massachusetts may open during the summer holidays of Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day, according to state legislation.

If they choose to open their doors on Labor Day, state retailers must pay time and one-half if at least eight employees are on the payroll in the week the holiday falls.

Labor Day is also one of ten holidays recognized by the federal government, although the feds don't require employers to pay workers for this holiday from work. Businesses traditionally provide their employees with a paid holiday as part of a benefits package because most other employers do the same.

Closed today:

• Belmont town offices

• Belmont Public Library

• Belmont Schools

• Post offices and regular deliveries.

• Bank offices; although some branches will be open in certain supermarkets.


• Stores,

• Supermarkets

• Convenience stores and

• Establishments that sell beer and wine are also allowed to be open.

A special note: Bars and taverns are also open but you'll need to travel out of town for those.

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