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How Much is Braintree Town Hall Worth?

More real estate facts from Braintree Patch and Patriot Properties.

How Much is Braintree Town Hall Worth?

On July 20, 1911, Braintree's Town Hall was destroyed by a fire that likely started in the faulty wiring of a chandelier in the upstairs ballroom.

Less than a year after the building burned, in March of 1912, the town voted to build a new meeting place and put aside $70,550 for the effort. Construction began that June and was completed in time for a dedication ceremony on June 26, 1913.

Nearly 100 years later, Town Hall and its 6.9 acres of land are worth a little more than $5 million, according to records kept by Patriot Properties, which stores data from the Board of Assessors on all real estate in Braintree, along with a number of other towns.

That is significantly more than Thayer Public Library across the street, but just one-tenth the value of Braintree High School.

Patriot Properties says the building itself is worth $1,981,100, with the rest of the value in the land and "extra featues" pegged at $88,500.

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