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Patch Talks With Medium, Coming to Braintree to 'Feed Your Soul'

"I love skeptics. I truly do. It means that they are still self-empowered, that they won’t be easily fooled..."

Patch Talks With Medium, Coming to Braintree to 'Feed Your Soul'

Corbie Mitleid, as she says, "has been on the mystic’s path for 40 years - meeting challenges, always questioning, leading the examined life.”  

"God gives all of us what we need for a life filled with miracles and joy, and as long as our hearts are open, whole, and aligned with our Source Energy, anything is possible," said Mitleid. 

Corbie has investigated alternative ways of teaching, counseling and healing since 1973, her bio says. In 1994, working on past life investigations proved a catalyst for her own abilities. Without formal instruction of any kind, she found herself able to do hands-on healing and distance energy work.  She became a liaison between discarnate entities and those of us currently “in form.”  And she found she had a talent for "channeling souls and Higher Selves for those who need to know the 'hows and whys' of their life challenges."

What she does now, she explains, is a combination of these unexpected gifts and more accessible tools she has found useful over the years.

Mitleid appears at Open Doors in Braintree on Saturday and Sunday, June 28 and 29. Open Doors is hosting what is called a Feed Your Soul Weekend, "a way to discover your own wellspring of knowledge and abilities with both workshops and private readings."

The morning workshop is “Deck-a-Dance.” "Tarot has thousands of volumes, courses and instructors to give the ins and outs on how to use those familiar 78 keys of wisdom," she said. "But what do you do with the new decks that have nothing to do with standard Tarot archetypes? Because there is no 'tradition' associated with them, there's no standard way to read them."

Corbie has designed an interactive and fun workshop that teaches people how to read their own divination and oracle decks within minutes.  Learn how to design your own spreads for nontraditional decks and read them in a whole new way.  No experience required -- just an open mind and an ability to think outside the (card) box! 

The afternoon session is called “Brainstorm Your New Age Business.”  

"Let’s be honest – even the New Age has a business sector," said Mitleid. "Why is it that some Lightworkers thrive no matter the business climate, and others fall by the wayside no matter how good they are?  

In this 3-hour intensive she shares her take on marketing, client relations, money sanity and everything that makes the difference between surviving and thriving in today’s economy.  

"Even if your business is only a dream right now, this is the class for making it a reality," she said. "To get the most out of this workshop, you should have a solid idea of what you want to create, and be ready to live the Entrepreneurial Life."

Workshops are $40 each, or $75 for the entire day of both events.

Sunday is a day of private reading sessions. Sessions are $70 for thirty minutes and include a CD recording of the session. 

Corbie's services include:

TAROT:  The reading that keys in on your everyday experiences, discussing subjects in depth such as finances, career, romance, relationships or family dynamics.

PAST LIFE RETRIEVAL:  Through trance channeling, Corbie finds and discusses those past lives that have specific information to aid you in this incarnation.

SPIRITUAL ROAD READINGS:  Your spiritual road can be simple or complex, depending on your prebirth planning.  Corbie uses a number of divination decks to tell you what's going on underneath the surface of your life.

SPIRIT GUIDE CONFERENCES:  Corbie connects with your guides, allowing you a direct conversation.  Learn their names, attributes and receive messages.

MEDIUMSHIP:  Corbie works with you to reach those on the Other Side for comfort, reassurance, and clearing up "unfinished business."  These sessions must be prebooked, and are filling fast!

Braintree Patch talked with Corbie Mitleid. 

BP: How did you "get into" being a psychic? Did you always have a gift?   

CM: When I was nine, I read a book called “The Witch Family” by Eleanor Estes.  Rather than thinking it fluff or scary, it simply told me there was magic in the world, and I wanted to find it.  In 1973, when I was a senior in high school, I was working part time at Spencer Gifts. That was the year Live and Let Die came out, and they had the James Bond 007 Tarot Deck. We were all hippies then – so I bought it! I read for 20 years for friends, working at keeping my readings clear and free of my own ego.  

I did this work part time while doing a number of career steps – actress, author, video producer, executive recruiter.  But as we watched the Towers burn on 9/11, I turned to my husband and said “I need to do this work full time.  People need to know there is something else out there than fear.”  And I’ve never looked back.

BP: What are one or two of your most memorable connections/readings with people? 

CM:  It’s hard to choose – I read over a thousand people a year, and have done so for well over a decade.  When you read that many it is important not to retain a lot about a particular reading. But I do know that my past life retrieval has turned up some fascinating lives that people can actually find, tracing themselves back historically. One woman turned out to be the grandchild of General Ulysses S. Grant – and unbeknownst to me, she had written several Civil War novels before our meeting.  The details about clothing, surroundings and looks were specific to General Grant and his later years in New York.

Mediumship is always an amazing thing.  I do not simply “go upstairs” and see who is around.  I look for the specific person that a client wants, and bring back not only identifiers (how they died, favorite pastimes, etc.) but very often they will “speak” through me, using language styles, regional accents and other details that sound nothing like me with a normal voice.

BP: How do your appearances work? What can people expect in Braintree? 

CM: When I teach, it’s not all about me standing up there and “pontificating” – that see-how-much-more-I-know-than-you approach simply doesn’t interest me.  I love sharing my knowledge and I adore seeing people empowered.  There will be exercises, and discussion, and a real team framework for both workshops.  You will go home with your head filled with information and skills you won’t be able to wait to try out!

As far as the private sessions go, I pride myself on being a practical intuitive.  Despite the elegant clothes and table trappings, most people say sitting with me is a comfortable, safe experience that feels like they're with a long-time friend, not a stranger spouting a bunch of mystical hoodoo and pretense.  And I don’t believe in so-called bad news: We have opportunities we can go after, and challenges to get past. As a three-time breast cancer dancer (I use that phrase because I do a lot more than just survive!), I learned that first-hand.  My job is to give you the tools and courage to deal with both situations.  Everything else is free will, and up to you!

BP: What do you say to the skeptics? 

CM: I love skeptics.  I truly do.  It means that they are still self-empowered, that they won’t be easily fooled, and they will probably like my practical approach more than folks who are so immersed in quasi-spirituality that they are disappointed I don’t wear a turban and spangles. I find  questions incredibly useful, and I love the opportunity to explain the whys and wherefores of what I do. If at the end of a session with me they are still skeptical, then intuitive sessions aren’t for them. And that’s fine – there are nine billion people in the world and I certainly can’t read for all of them.

BP: Does one have to be religious to be spiritual, do you think? 

CM: Not necessarily.  I tell people that I don’t care if they are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Pagan or believe in Ralph the Wonder Dog, I really don’t.  What you need to work with me is the belief that Something/Someone up there loves you, wants the best for you, and is willing to work with you.  

Visit  www.firethroughspirit.com for more information. 

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