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Brookline Arrest Log: April 16 - 22

The following information was supplied by Brookline Police Dept. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

Brookline Arrest Log: April 16 - 22

The following arrest report is based on reports for April 19 through 22. Look for weekday incident reports each Saturday, weekend reports each Monday, and arrest logs each Tuesday on Brookline Patch. Suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

Wednesday, April 18

  • Shoplifting – 49-year-old Charles Turner, living in a Boston homeless shelter. At about 2 p.m., a Harvard Street Stop and Shop employee saw a man allegedly try to leave the store having checked out several types of soap through the self-check-out system, but not paying some of the bagged items. He dropped the bag when he heard police sirens, and the items were returned to the store. Police stopped a man who fit the employee's description, who the employees later identified as the shoplifter. He was arrested and charged with shoplifting. During the booking process, he was also charged with failing to register on the sex offender registry.
  • Shoplifting – Allan Wood, Jamaica Plain man aged 38. At 6:10 p.m., a Stop and Shop employee reported seeing a man hide cans of baby formula and other items in his clothes, a total of about $75 in merchandise. A store manager stopped him, and Brookline police asked him to empty his pockets.  He was arrested and charged with shoplifting.  

Friday, April 20

  • Shoplifting – Charlestown resident, 29-year-old Edwin Alvarez. Loss prevention staff at TJ Maxx stopped Alvarez, who reportedly attempted to leave with four shirts tucked under his coat, totaling about $45. Staff also provided surveillance videos from the store, and believe that Alvarez has stolen from the store in the past. He was arrested and charged with shoplifting at about 1 p.m.
  • Recieving stolen property over $250 – 48-year-old Michael Smith, of Beacon Street. A caller reported that a man had been in her Sheafe Street backyard, and left upon seeing her. She provided a description, and officers who were in the area already, looking for magazine solicitors, searched the area. Another caller reported seeing a man leaving Heath Street on a bike she believed was stolen. At about 5:45 p.m., Police stopped a man matching the description, which both witnesses identified as the man they had seen--although the original caller said he had changed shirts and taken off his hat. A resident of a nearby apartment building identified the bike as his roommate's, and it was returned to his custody. Smith was arrested and charged with receiving property over $250 and trespassing.
  • Possession of a class A drug – Dorchester man, 24-year-old Emmanuel Cruz. An officer was driving on Brookline Ave away from the Riverway, he reported seeing a car make a sudden turn onto Aspinwall Avenue and turn off its headlights at around 11 p.m. He stopped to watch the vehicle, which then made a U-turn in front of on-coming traffic, and headed North on Brookline Avenue. The officer put on his overhead lights, but instead of pulling over, the car stopped at a red light. When the officer spoke with the driver, he could smell burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle, and saw one of the passengers cover the center console with a shirt. When searching the car, officers found a small bag of what appeared to be heroin. Cruz was arrested and charged with possession of a class A drug, but he did not appear to be impaired.

    Saturday, April 21

    • Shoplifting - Carla Davis, 48, of Boston. A Gap loss prevention employee reported seeing a woman placing clothing up her skirt. She handed the employee a bag with a receipt for an item bought on Friday, April 20. When a Brookline officer searched her, she found an oversized girdle under the skirt, allegedly stuffed with about $205 in merchandise. Davis was arrested and charged with shoplifting at around 11 a.m..
    • Warrant arrest – Tara Smith, Kent Street woman aged 40. Brookline police responded to the Washington Street CVS parking lot, for a customer disturbance at about 5 p.m. When they arrived there, they learned that the woman, Smith, had outstanding warrants for her arrest out of Dorchester District Court. She was arrested and charged on those warrants for failing to yield at an intersection and possession of a class B drug.
    • Receiving stolen property over $250 – 21-year-old David Maloney and 17-year-old Oshea Kerr, both of Dorchester. While a Brookline officer was conducting bike enforcement near Beacon Street and St. Mary Street, a Boston University officer came over to report a possible theft of bikes from a nearby alley. The BU officer later reported that he had found two cut bike cables behind a tree. The two men fled on St. Mary Street in an unknown direction, but the BUPD officer provided a description. Shortly afterward, the officer spotted two men matching the description on Beacon Street westbound. The officer reports that the two men crossed the street, seeming to disregard oncoming traffic and almost causing several crashes. They then rode on the sidewalk, forcing pedestrians out of the way. Two cruisers attempted to stop the two men, both of whom were eventually stopped. The two men denied stealing the bikes, and were able to identify the make and model of each. Officers placed the two under arreste and charged them with receiving stolen property over $250 and disorderly conduct. 

      Sunday, April 22

      • Operating under the influence of alcohol – Wayland man, Ryan Lewis, aged 30. At about 1:45 a.m., officers report a tan SUV speeding down Washington Street at the Boylston Street intersection. These officers paced the vehicle at about 50 mph in a 30 mph zone. A taxi attempting to change lanes nearly crashed into the speeding SUV, but a last-minute swerve on the part of the driver prevented a crash. The two vehicles rode side-by-side for a few moments, with the SUV riding on the shoulder, which is when the officer turned on his overhead lights to pull the vehicle over. The driver allegedly appeared to be glassy-eyed and slurring his words. The officer asked him to exit the car, which Lewis refused to do at first, stating that he was a laywer. When he finally got out of the car, Lewis appeared unsteady on his feet. The officer could smell alcohol on his breath and determined that he was under the influence of alcohol. The officer arrested and charged him with driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding, and operating to endanger. 
      • Protective custody – Quincy man, Shawn Martin, aged 26 was also summonsed to court for disorderly conduct and unlawful disposal of trash. An officer's cruiser was stopped in traffic at about 2:45 a.m. at the Beacon Street intersection with Harvard Street. A Ford Excursion limousine was stopped next to the cruiser, and one officer reported hearing a bang at the back of the car, then getting out and finding a mostly-full can of Pabst Blue Ribbon on the trunk, with some beer on the rear windshield--and some liquid on the side of the limo. The limo drove on, and was later stopped by other officers near Washington and Juniper Streets. The driver spoke with police, reporting he was hired for a bachelor's party. Officers spoke with the passengers, one of whom was Shawn Martin. When officers asked whether Martin or his companions had thrown anything out of the limo, he responded that none of them had thrown anything at a police car. Officers did see several brands of open beer containers inside the car, including Pabst. According to police, he was summonsed to court on the charges mentioned above, and was placed under protective custody because of "his high level of intoxication."

        Some details in this blotter were provided by the Brookline Police Blog. For questions about this blotter, email Grahame.Turner@Patch.com.

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