21 Aug 2014
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Police: Burned Out Headlight Reveals Stolen Car

The following information was supplied by the Brookline Police Department. Charges listed do not imply convictions.

Police: Burned Out Headlight Reveals Stolen Car

December 26

7:08 p.m.: An officer observed a dark sedan with a burned out headlight on Washington Street. As the officer followed the driver, he observed the driver make a lane violation as the vehicle approached Harvard Street when the driver veered left, over a small island and cut off another vehicle. As the officer followed the suspect, he entered the plate numbers and found that the plates were listed as stolen. The officer pulled the vehicle over.  

As the officer approached the vehicle, he noticed that the driver had not put the car in park and the car began to roll forward. The officer shouted at the driver and the vehicle stopped. As the officer got closer, the vehicle rolled forward again. The officer reached the passenger side window and told the driver to put the car in park. When the driver didn’t respond, the officer opened the passenger door and told the driver to put park the car. The officer told the driver to exit the vehicle, which the suspect did. The suspect did not have a license and told the officer that a friend of his let him borrow the car.

Officers arrested Jaun Almonte-Baez, 18, of 11 Glenwood Avenue, Dorchester, and charged him with operating a vehicle without a license, receiving stolen property, operating an unregistered and uninsured vehicle, attaching wrong number plates and a defective headlight.  

December 28  

3:40 p.m.: Officers observed a driver fail to stop for pedestrians on Cypress Street. When the officer pulled the suspect over, he asked to see the driver’s license and registration several times. The driver said that he did not understand why he had to. The officer told the driver that if he refused to produce a license, he would be subject to arrest. The suspect continued to refuse. The officer reached into the car to unlock the door and took the driver to rear of his vehicle. The driver refused to tell the officer any information about himself as the officer placed him under arrest for refusing to show his identification.  

The officer searched the suspect’s car, finding a glass pipe in the center console.  Officers charged Axel Domenech, 23, of 86 Mount Vernon Street, Waltham with refusing to produce a license, failure to stop for a red light and operating after suspension.

11:52 p.m.: Officers were driving in an unmarked car down Webster Street when they noticed two males emerge from an alcove. Officers noticed a fresh tag reading “GRN” on a “High Voltage” sign. When the officers turned around, the suspects had made their way towards the Brookline Marriot Hotel and were facing a brick wall. One of the suspects had a white spray can in his hand. Officers exited the vehicle and arrested Ryan Connor, 20, of 352 Clyde Street and Colvin Brothers, 19, of Montreal and charged them with two counts of tagging.  

December 29  

6:11 p.m.: Officers responded to a report of shoplifting in progress at East Coast Alpine at 860 Comm. Ave.

Officers spoke with the clerk, who said that she tried to communicate with the suspect, but did not speak Spanish. The clerk told police that they had witnessed the suspect put a North Face jacket, valued at $329, into her baby carriage. Officers recovered the jacket and arrested Maria Arevalo, 41, of 11 Linden Street, Brighton, and charged her with larceny of $250 or more. Her children were left in the care of a friend, who was with them at the time of the arrest. 

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