23 Aug 2014
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Where Can't I Drive in Brookline During the Marathon?

The Boston Marathon route cuts Brookline effectively in half for part of the day. How will you plan your way around a closed Beacon Street?

Where Can't I Drive in Brookline During the Marathon?

On Monday, Boston Marathon and its 149 runners from Brookline will make the final few miles through Brookline, down Beacon Street.

According to the Brookline Police blog, there will be "altered traffic patterns" around Beacon Street (Route 9A). Beacon will be closed to traffic for the entire length through Brookline, officially from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Here are some ways to :

Plan Ahead
The best way to avoid getting stuck is to avoid trying to drive across the race route during those hours. If you're in the northern part of Brookline, plan to get to your destinations across town before the race starts coursing through town at noon, or after the roads re-open at 4:30 p.m.

Public Transit
The Green Line may be a slightly more roundabout way of getting around the Marathon route, but it will get you there by way of a transfer at Kenmore. While you could also transfer at Hynes, that is one of the places the MBTA is recommending for people who want to see the finish line. Alternately, the number 66 bus is still running, but will be re-routed around the Coolidge Corner area. 

The Pike
If you absolutely have to get across town during the race, your best bet may be The Massachusetts Turnpike, I-90. Hop on the inbound side (toward Boston) and take the Prudential Center exit, 22. This puts you on Huntington Avenue/Route 9 in Boston. Follow Huntington for 2 miles, and you will be in Brookline Village. The Pike is a toll road, so bring $1.25 or your Fast Lane Pass.

If you can't beat them, join them: Try to come on foot or by bike, and join the spectators along the race route. Brookline Patch will have updates from the race all day. 

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