Jul 26, 2014

Burlington Resident Honored with Heroes Among Us Award

Joyce Deliyiannis, founder of Help Me, Help Someone (HELPIS) was honored at a Boston Celtics home game.

Burlington Resident Honored with Heroes Among Us Award

The following is a release by Emily Trask, Managing Partner, Solidus Editorial Solutions: 

In April 2012, Joyce Deliyiannis was attending a Boston Celtics home game when she was honored with an award from the team’s Heroes Among Us Program. On game days, the Heroes Among Us Program honors local humanitarians who have made a lasting and profound impact on others in the community. Exceptional citizens are called down to the TD Garden’s parquet floor and presented with an award so that players and fans can express gratitude for the recipients’ outreach into the community. On July 19, 2012, the Heroes Among Us Program is hosting a special tribute program and reception in the Massachusetts State House to honor all of the award recipients from the Celtics’ 2011-2012 season.    

“I was surprised and honored to have received the award,” said Deliyiannis of her April recognition, but the people familiar with her work and on the receiving end of her generosity are not at all surprised. In 2009, Joyce, who is a professional hairstylist, noticed that many of her clients were cancelling appointments because job loss made them unable to afford their haircuts. Instead of accepting these cancellations, Joyce insisted on providing haircuts free of charge. “I wanted nothing in return from my clients,” said Deliyiannis. “I simply wanted them to leave my chair feeling good about themselves. My hope was that their positive attitude would help them take those first steps into a new phase of life and eventually, spread to others.” Often, their positive attitude, along with their new look and a little help from Deliyiannis’ extensive network of friends, family, and business contacts, helped her clients land new jobs. “When people know they are cared for, they are empowered to move forward,” Deliyiannis said.

When Joyce was honored with the Heroes Among Us Award in April, she had already given an impressive 2,500 free haircuts and started the HELPIS organization to further her cause in the community.

About HELPIS, Help Me Help Someone

Joyce Deliyiannis, founder of HELPIS, believes that kindness has the power to bring hope to those searching for it and by extension, change lives. HELPIS is a Massachusetts-based non-profit organization built on the goal of creating a community of equals who provide whatever kindnesses they are able to the people they encounter in an ever-widening network of generosity.

During the Month of May, HELPIS challenges people to help someone in need without asking for anything in return as a reminder that even simple acts of kindness can heal, uplift, inspire, and improve the lives of others.
Visit http://www.helpis.org for more information.

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