Jul 26, 2014

Was Mitt Romney in Burlington?

News reports of the presidential candidate indicate he was in town.

Was Mitt Romney in Burlington?

Was presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Burlington?

It appears that he was, at least according to various news reports that have the dateline (location of story origin) of Burlington, Massachusetts, including this story from ABC News

The stories were not about any events in Burlington, but instead were reports of Romney cancelling a trip to Pueblo, Colorado after the airport he was supposed to land in had a crash of a small plane that killed one person. Romney spokesman Rick Gorka said the campaign did not want to interfere with the emergency response and the expected investigation into the crash.

The big question is why the candidate was in town. According to the ABC News story he spent the weekend at his home in Belmont and on Sunday, the day the articles indicated he was in Burlington, he spent time "doing debate prep at a hotel."

Also, an AFP story states Romney was in Burlington for "private meetings."

Patch was not given any advance warning of the candidate's visit and Romney did not hold any public events in town. However, we're still interested in learning more about his visit. That's where you come in.

Did anyone see Mitt Romney in Burlington this weekend? Was your commute affected by any escort or security? Finally, and this is the big one, does anyone know what he was doing in Burlington? Let us know what you saw or what you know in the comments below.

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