Jul 26, 2014

Work on Mall Road to be Completed by Holiday Shopping Season

There are currently three projects at the Mall Road and South Bedford Street intersection.

Work on Mall Road to be Completed by Holiday Shopping Season

Commuters in Burlington have likely noticed a new delay in the flow of traffic.

Those attempting to travel down Mall Road in the direction of Cambridge Street are hitting roadwork at the South Bedford Street intersection. The area is normally backed up even without ongoing work and especially so during the holiday shopping season. So, a reasonable question would be, 'how long until this is all cleared up"?

Department of Public Works Superintendent John Sanchez told Patch the work being done is actually three separate projects. One is a gas pipe being done by a utility company. The town also has two projects in the area, one to set a sewer line going across mall road and the second is a showcase project for a beautification initiative on Mall Road. The latter involves removing the sand and gravel from the median and replacing it with landscaped grass and plantings.

Sanchez said the DPW is aware that a back-up on Mall Road would pose a major difficulty during the Holiday shopping season and he stated all the projects are planned to be completed by the end of October.

"We are well aware of the shopping season," he said. "We'll be done by the Christmas season."

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