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Canton 2013 Town Meeting Timeline

From December 2012 to May 2013, Town Meeting season is about to get underway in Canton.

Canton 2013 Town Meeting Timeline

Editor's Note: The following is a general outline of important dates related to Canton's 2013 Town Meeting, which takes place on Monday, May 13, 2013. The full timeline can also be viewed on the Town of Canton website.

On Tuesday, Dec. 18, the Canton Board of Selectmen will vote to open the warrant for the 2013 Annual Town Meeting for zoning articles, effective Wednesday, Dec. 26. The board will subsequently close the warrant for zoning articles on Friday, Jan. 11.

Effective Monday, Jan. 28, 2013, the selectmen will open the warrant for non-zoning articles and then the close warrant on Tuesday, Feb. 12 at noon.

In order to continue to assist residents and local boards and committees in submitting warrant articles for Annual Town Meeting, Canton officials bring to the town's attention Article III of the Town Bylaws, which can now be found on the Town Website and gives detailed information regarding citizen article submission requirements and/or article submissions through the office of the Board of Selectmen, by any elected or appointed multiple member body. Residents are asked to pay special attention to Section 3.4 of Article III, titled “Preparation of the Warrant”.

Section 3.4 Preparation of the Warrant
There shall be filed with each subject proposed to be included as an article in the annual town meeting warrant a brief statement of explanation by the proponent.

Any proposed warrant article shall be deemed to be incomplete unless all available plans, specifications and estimates and other supporting data necessary for its consideration by town meeting, as well as the explanation of the purpose of the article, are submitted prior to said deadlines.

This year the zoning article submission deadline is Jan 11, 2013 and non-zoning article submission deadline is Feb 12, 2013.

Any citizen petition article requires the signatures of at least 10 registered voters, must meet the requirements noted in Section 3.4 and must be initiated through the Town Clerk’s Office. 

It is requested that department heads or other staff members, who work closely with a multiple member body, bring this important matter to their attention so we can assist all departments through the Town Meeting process.

Other important dates related to the 2013 Annual Town Meeting in Canton:

  • Jan. 15, 2013 (Tuesday) – Board of Selectmen submits proposed zoning by-law amendments to the Planning Board.
  • Jan. 16 to March 21 – Planning Board Public Hearing(s).
  • Jan. 21 (Monday) – All Departments’ operating budget estimates for fiscal 2013 sent to Finance Committee (third Monday of January).
  • Feb. 12 (Tuesday), Noon – Warrant closes for non-zoning articles.
  • Feb. 22 (Friday) – Draft Town Meeting Warrant to be sent to Town Counsel for review.
  • March 12 (Tuesday) – Selectmen vote to approve Annual Town Meeting Warrant and execute same.
  • March 13 (Wednesday) – Approved Warrant to be sent to the Finance Committee. 
  • March 14 (Thursday) – Warrant must be posted.
  • March 29 (Friday), 5 p.m. – Deadline for municipal employment contracts for Town Meeting.
  • March 29 (Friday) – Deadline for submission of Planning Board draft motions, and Finance Committee draft motions, to Town Counsel.
  • April 5 (Friday) – Deadline for submission of Finance Committee draft motion for employment contracts to Town Counsel.
  • April 12 (Friday) – Warrant with recommendations and motions to be sent to the printer for publication.
  • April 29 (Monday) – Warrant w/Finance Committee, Board of Selectmen, and Planning Board recommendations to be delivered to citizens.
  • May 13 (Monday) – First Session of Town Meeting, 7 p.m.

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