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Canton Business Spotlite: Dr. Joseph Russo

A well known Plastic Surgeon fills us in on other non-surgical options.

Canton Business Spotlite: Dr. Joseph Russo Canton Business Spotlite: Dr. Joseph Russo Canton Business Spotlite: Dr. Joseph Russo


Canton resident Dr. Joseph Russo specializes in plastic surgery, a popular surgery amongst more than just Hollywood stars these days.

Dr. Russo answers questions that you want to know. Do you really need surgery, maybe not. Fillers and other treatments are available and you can do it on your lunch hour.

Another office will be opening at 2184 Washington Street in Canton just above Dream Smile Dental this spring. They will offer medical grade skin care services including laser, facials and peels, and cosmetic injectables.

Patch: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

JR: I grew up in New England, so naturally I’m a big Boston sports fan!  I did a majority of my schooling at Harvard Medical (only leaving for a 6 month fellowship in breast surgery in Atlanta). I have been in private practice now for almost 25 years in the area. 

Patch:What type of training do you have to go through to become a plastic surgeon?

JR: A lot of school!  After college, I went to medical school for four years, then was accepted to a five year general surgical residency at the Harvard Medical School.  I did an additional two years of plastic surgery residency in the Harvard program.  I then moved to Atlanta where I did an additional fellowship in breast surgery.  I moved backed to Boston in 1991 to start my practice and I have been here ever since.  I then obtained my board certification by passing a written exam, approximately one year after I was in practice and then sat for an oral exam several years later.  Having passed both of those I was deemed board certified. 

Patch: What are the most common surgical procedures that you perform?
JR: The most popular procedure right now is liposuction.  The thing that makes it so popular is that it crosses all ages and genders, old people, young people, men and women, all have a little extra fat that they’d like to get rid of and liposuction is the perfect procedure to permanently remove excess fat.  
Other common surgical procedures that I perform are breast augmentation, tummy tucks, facelifts, and eyelid surgery.  The most common non-surgical procedures that I perform are Botox injections, filler injections such as Juvederm, Radiesse, Belotero, and Sculptra.  My office offers many other procedures that involve laser treatment for example hair removal, tattoo removal, vein, brown spots, etc.

Patch: What are the latest/new technologies in plastic surgery?

JR: All of the new technologies in plastic surgery have made it possible to get less down time, less pain, and a much shorter recovery period.  We can now use things like radio frequency or ultrasound or even light based treatments from a laser to tighten skin without any down time at all.  We can literally treat a patient, tighten their skin and have them go back to work either later that day or certainly by the next day.  We have recently purchased the Ulthera and The Thermigen which are cutting edge technologies so we can give our patients the most up to date procedures.

Patch: What are the best things you can do to prevent aging?

JR: The best things you can do to prevent aging is to avoid those things that damage the skin and to start early with preventative treatment that strengthen and enhance the skin.   Smoking and sun exposure are the two most avoidable things that damage your skin.  In terms of protecting our skin, starting with a good skin care regimen is really important this helps maintain skin integrity and protects the skin from environmental injury.  Using sunscreens which protect our skin is also quite important.  New technologies like Hydrafacial, which extracts all of the impurities from our skin and infuse vital nutrients in the form of serums are also quite important.  Chemical peels exfoliate the skin and stimulate collagen production deep in the dermal layer to help keep our skin thick and youthful.  The newer techniques such as Ulthera and laser treatments that tighten the skin should be used before the skin actually starts to sag.  There’s an old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, that’s certainly true in cosmetics surgery because it’s much easier to prevent a lot of these problems then it is to correct them once they appear. 

Patch: What about treating early signs of aging? 

JR: Once the aging process has taken place we have many non invasive treatments like Botox and fillers which can keep you looking youthful for quite a long time.  However, there does come a time where surgery might be the best and most effective option and that’s always an option to discuss with your surgeon. 

Patch: What should a patient look for when choosing a plastic surgeon?

JR: When choosing a plastic surgeon you want someone who is certified by the American Board of Surgery.  You also want someone who is experienced in the procedure you are considering.  It’s also quite helpful if you see before and after photos and also talk to a patient who has had the procedure you are considering.  In a general, you should also like the surgeon you are working with, you should have a positive experience with their office staff, and you should feel comfortable with all components of your visit.  After all you are putting your face in their hands.

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