Jul 28, 2014
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Dining Around the World

Did you know Canton offers a variety of cuisines from all over the world?

Dining Around the World Dining Around the World Dining Around the World

You do not have to drive far to taste a bit of world flavors. Canton has an abundance of restaurants that will appeal to any palate. Everything from Japanese to Middle Eastern to Italian is right down the street. Here are a few highlights of the local bites nearby from Canton Patch. Eat up and enjoy!


Takara–There's something appealing about a Sushi restaurant that offers great descriptions of their menu items for the novice sushi-eater. With healthy rolls, like the low-carb “Ashley roll," is an amazing choice for the Atkin’s dieter. Their fresh and delicious sushi and other Japanese delicacies are made to order at their Sushi counter. One of the best features? This is Canton’s only BYOB restaurant in town.  Customers can save money and bring in their favorite wine and beer pairings, while splurging on what Takara really specializes in–amazing Sushi. Takara offers many excellent vegetarian options as well. 

Middle Eastern

The Chubby Chickpea–There is no doubt about it. Middle Eastern cuisine is becoming a new American fast food. , located conveniently in Canton Center, offers great food at reasonable prices. It is a bright and sunny little place, easy to zip in and out of.  The service is friendly, and by now you are probably familiar with their food choices:  Hummus, pita bread, falafel, cucumber dip and other wraps and salads.  Perfect for a healthy lunch! If there were any items you were not already familiar with, not to worry. There are descriptions of almost everything right on the menu. The Chubby Chickpea is an authentic Middle Eastern restaurant great for a pick up order or a quick sit-down meal with kids or friends. It is a very casual environment.  Definitely worth trying, as a falafel sandwich will only put you down $3.50.  There are still kid-friendly staples like French fries, so they won’t have the feeling everything on the menu is exotic.


Alfredo's–Alfredo’s Pasta Store is located at 2182 Washington Street, adjacent to. Everything you could want for a fine Italian feast at home is available, including the most authentic espresso, Italian cookies and desserts. The homemade canolis are made right in front of your eyes. There are over two-dozen varieties of dry pasta imported from Italy. Olive oil and tomato sauce come in all sizes, options and from different parts of Italy. Any Italian foodie would get a major thrill from the authenticity of Alfredo’s old world commodities. Shoppers will love the cheese ravioli, but for a real kick, try the eggplant, lobster or pumpkin ravioli at least once. Ravioli, meatballs, take and bake lasagna, chicken parmesean–these Italian-American favorites are made and sold by the Aiello family.


Center Field's–Classic American food is always a great dinner option. offers casual, all-American dining. Such classics as burgers, steaks, salads and fish plates are staples of the restauraunt. The appetizers are delicious, especially their chicken and vegetable quesadillas. With an ample bar, patio and plenty of flat screen TVs for game watching, Center Field's is an all-American pick in Canton.


Center Pizza–A cultural gem hidden in the Walgreens Plaza of Canton, there is something unique about this Greek-inspired cuisine. There is simply something for everyone, from pizza to Syrian club sandwiches and Greek spinach pie. The steak and cheese sub and the salad are large and filling and can easily be split for two. and Restaurant is a dine-in, take-out and delivery-service restaurant, which gives you great options when deciding where to dine. This is a great choice for dinner as well, with many seafood specials, steak plates and Greek dishes available for dinner dining.


Mai Place– offers fine Chinese and Japanese cuisine at reasonable prices. Well-known for its reputation as a fresh sushi place, the Canton restaurant has options like Philidelphia Maki and Crispy Tuna rolls. Another plus, this establishment makes fabulous mixed drinks. Their lunchtime menu includes many great values, called “bento boxes, ”which include a choice of a meat dish, soup, salad, Califormia sushi roll and rice. That’s a great deal at only $9.50.

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