Jul 29, 2014
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Boston EITC Offers Free Tax Help

Residents who worked in 2012 and earned less than $50,000 are eligible for this service, offered at sites around the city.

Need help preparing your taxes, but don't have money to pay a professional? The Boston Earned Income Tax Credit Coalition offers free tax preparation for Boston residents who worked in 2012 and earned less than $50,000.

Sites around the city opened in January and will continue serving eligible residents throughout the tax season. The deadline to file federal income tax forms is Monday, April 15. The deadline to file Massachusetts income tax forms is Tuesday, April 16 (Monday is a state holiday, Patriot's Day).

Boston EITC tax prep locations near Charlestown include:

  • ABCD: East Boston Action Planning Council, 21 Meridian St., East Boston. Call 617-567-8857. Site also offers credit advising.
  • JVS Partnerships for Careers and Learning, 29 Winter St., Boston. Call 617-399-3235. By appointment only.
  • ABCD: Robert M. Coard Building, 178 Tremont St., Boston. Call 617-348-6583.
  • Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center (BCNC), 38 Ash St., Boston. Call 617-635-5129 ext. 0 or email eitc@bcnc.net. By appointment only. Site also offers credit advising.
  • ABCD: South End Neighborhood Service Center, 554 Columbus Ave., South End. Call 617-267-7400 ext. 223.

See the flyer above for a complete list of locations and details about what to bring with you for a tax prep meeting. 

For more information, call Boston EITC Coalition at 617-918-5275 or visit bostontaxhelp.org.

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