Jul 26, 2014

BRA Approves Eastie, Southie, Charlestown Ferry Plan

The Boston Redevelopment Authority authorized the city last week to find a vendor for boats to service the route.

BRA Approves Eastie, Southie, Charlestown Ferry Plan

If you've wanted to spend more time in East Boston, your ability to do so is on track to approve.

The Boston Redevelopment Authority Board of Directors approved last week of a plan to add two ferry boats to better connect East Boston to South Boston and Charlestown.

Charlestown Patch previously reported Mayor Tom Menino's Eastie plan in August. The Boston Globe reported this week that the authority has now authorized the city to find a vendor to supply the two boats for the route.

What do you think? Would a Charlestown/Eastie connection be good for The Town? Is there anything in Eastie you like to visit from time to time?

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